Only Xbox One Will Receive the Skyrim Macho Man Dragon Mod

FancyPants has confirmed that the Macho Man Dragon Mod will make its way to Xbox One soon following the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that offers mod support on consoles. FancyPAnts is so focused on the Xbox One mod since he is really experienced in Xbox mods and won’t have as much trouble porting the mod.

“This is probably a bit naive, but my hope is that if it’s successful, other developers might take notice and start offering official support for modding,” he said. “Far too many games encrypt their files and assets which makes modding range from difficult to virtually impossible.”

FancyPants explained that he has no plans to make any mods for PlayStation 4. He also revealed that none of the modders he knows are planning to do this.

Sony addresses mods in a rigid way that makes a modder’s life harder. All Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods targeting PlayStation consoles must be created using existing game assets. This is quite limiting and time-consuming bearing in mind that most publishers will encrypt their game files and assets making it hard to access and modify them in the first place.

FancyPants is famous for his Macho Dragons mod where he replaced Fallout 4’s Death Claws with Macho humanoid creatures. Both Macho Dragons and Macho Claws mods are still available for download.