World of Warships Aim Assist Mod? No Thanks

Fighting those massive naval battles might fool beginners into believing that World of Warships is a marksman game. While the ability to shoot straight has always been a concern to any game involving guns, the sheer size of the Warships in this game puts emphasis on something else that is, in my opinion, more important – maneuvers.

Placing your ship at the right place at the right time will not only reduce the amount of damage you receive per engagement but also keep you within awesome firing ranges. World of Warships relies heavily on naval tactics, your ability to deceive the enemy and anticipate their next move long before they begin turning.

The moment you understand this is the moment you will realize that any World of Warships Aim assist mode won’t do you any good.

World of Warship Aim Assist Mods are Unsustainable

What if, for a moment we counted on the World of Warships Aim assist mods out there. What are the chances that we won’t be getting a raw deal.

Well. They’re very slim. Every time World of Warships releases a new version of the game, they do a comprehensive script overhaul. This means that the hooks your mod was latching onto might no longer exist.

world of warships aim mod

The result is highly unstable and frustrating mods that have given many online gamers the freedom to develop exploits that will do nothing but wreck havoc on your system.

Wargaming heavily frowns upon cheats and hacks, and so do I especially in a multiplayer setting. I have no issue with deploying cheats on an offline mission game. Any cheat that gives you an upper hand in a multiplayer setting doesn’t give you power or room to be the very best in the game.

Did I mention that Wargaming will ban you if they find you cheating? If you are so keen on World of Warships mods, why not try the vetted innocent mods that alter the texture and other non game-changer visual effects. They’re cool and won’t put you at risk.