World of Final Fantasy Review: The Good, Bad and Ugly

World of Final Fantasy is a classic example of something annoying, but for some reason, you keep holding on to it. The fluffy fun-filled game heavily relies on its character performance whose voices you will barely manage to comprehend. If manage to make it through the first slow start, then you will slowly find interest in Squall, Celes and Cloud, the games character cast.

In so doing, the quickly progressing plot will leave you with no or little time to unravel things. There is no denying how this World of Final Fantasy managed to throw in a touch of Pokemon to fuse with its core components in a beautiful way.

As you role-play in the game as twin siblings Reynn and Lahn, your aim is to capture beasts called Mirages. It is worth noting how the process of weakening and catching Mirages in Prisms will heavily remind you of Pokemon.

It is a fact that the more you progress in the game, the more interesting it becomes. You will have additional choices regarding your captured Mirages. Enjoying depth in the game comes from stacking, a process whose visual level seems out of place, awkward, and cumbersome at the beginning.

The Good

Mirage stacking becomes fun as you progress

Technically impressive visuals that you will also find charming

Nice nostalgia factor

The Bad

Straightforward narrative

Relying on tough luck to tell Cloud from your Terra

Needs Quick Improvement

The laughable dialogue could easily destroy your faith in script writing


This is a game worth picking up especially if you long for those turn-based old good days. Die-hard fan of Final Fantasy will also find World of Final Fantasy hard to resist.