Witcher 3 Ladies of the Wood Best Decisions

Every choice you make in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a consequence. As a massively open world adventure, the game has tons of activities and quests that give you the freedom to shape your game as you go by. The Witcher 3 Ladies of the Wood play an important role in the main quest over at Velen. How you play the mission and interact with the ladies will have a profound effect on the game’s ending regardless of whether you have the Witcher 3 DLC in place or not.

So what is the Witcher 3 Ladies of the Wood best choice? You would ask. Should you free or kill the ladies?

How to Get Started With 3 Ladies of the Wood

For starters, you will need to complete Wandering in the Dark mission and also read ‘The Ladies of the Wood’ book. You will get this book from Keira Matz. Once you are done wandering in the dark and have read The Ladies of the Wood, walk towards the marker in the swamps.

The Ladies of the Woods book is about a fairy tale of witches who take in children and give people who worship at their shrine the desires of their hearts. The book will be in your inventory.

You will have to walk up the Trail of Treats (gather some sweets as you go, you will need them later) before opening up to the Crookback Bog where you will have to play with some kids and bribe them before getting information on where to find Johnny.

Whitcher 3 Ladies of the Wood Gameplay

Winning the Hide and Seek Game With the Kids

If you are having trouble winning the hide and seek game with the kids in the Witcher 3 Velen quest, use your Witcher Senses to identify their hiding spots. For a heads up, you can follow the kids’ footsteps. Two will be in the house ahead, one in a bush and the other a pile of hay.

You can get another kid behind Gran’s house while the last kid will be in the house next to where you find Gran. Giving them sweets will send them to distract Gran hence you can talk to a boy who knows Johnny.

With the boy’s directions, you can pick up Johnny’s trail using your Witcher sense. The trail will lead to his borrow and it is up to you to help Johnny get his voice back before talking to him.

Helping Johnny Get His Voice Back

You will have to follow him through the swamp and fight a waterhag and a couple drowners before going on. Johnny will reappear and lead you to the foot of a cliff. Head west or east to identify a trail that will lead you to a nest guarded by Wyvern and Harpies. You should be better off using a crossbow to kill them before collecting some feathers and a bottle that will restore Johnny’s voice.

Johnny will take you back to Gran and plead your case. It is Gran who can bring up the ladies and will help you talk to the ladies. Your first glimpse of them will be a painting on a tapestry before Gran summons them with a nerve chilling chant.

The ladies will speak through Gran. and you can ask them about the ashen head lady.

Final Possible Outcomes

If you set the spirit free, the children will be freed and show up in Novigrad. However, the spirit will affect a village near the bog making people to kill each other.

If you kill the spirits in the Witcher 3 Ladies of the Wood, the children will be eaten, Gran will run mad and the witch hunters of Oxfort will hang a couple of people from outside the bog.

Which is the best decision when dealing with the Witcher 3 Ladies of the Woods? The answer would be straightforward or easy like when choosing armor or gear where you can compare stats. It depends. Both choices will lead to some severe repercussions. It’s one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t mission.