Warped Bone Monster Hunter World: Where to Find it

A Warped Bone in Monster Hunter World is a very useful material that will help you better your weapons and your chances of netting monsters while out in the field hunting. The MHW warped bone’s primary use is as a crafting material.

Before you can go on, you first have to know where to get Warped Bone in Monster Hunter World.warped bone monster hunter world

How to Get Warped bone in MHW

There are three main ways to find your Warped Bones

  • Completing game quests
  • Gathering them in the field
  • Defeating monsters

Getting Warped Bones by Gathering them in the Field

This is the most interesting and almost inexhaustible way out as long as you know the Warped Bone Monster Hunter world locations. It is hard to miss the bones when exploring the Rotten Vale and other regions since they appear all over the place in bone piles.

Warped Bone Locations in Rotten Valle

Rotten Vale has bone piles in areas 1, 2, 4, 5. You can gather warped bones from these piles but experience has taught me that piles in area 2 and 4 tend to have the highest number of Monster Hunter World Warped Bones.

To get to the piles, start from the Northern Camp in area 2 and head north to come across the first pile. After this, you can take the path heading south to a clearing in area 4 to find another pile.

  • Once you’ve farmed a pile dry, you will have to wait for a while for the pile to respawn. This means you can farm one pile repeatedly for your warped bones
  • Fast travel out and then back into an area immediately to force the piles to respawn faster.

Earning MHW Warped Bones by Defeating Monsters

Your other option would be beating monsters while in the game. The monsters to be on the lookout for are:

  • Radobaan
  • Raphinos

Earning Warped Bones by Finishing Quests

Most of the quests that will earn you Warped Bones are optional meaning that you can easily overlook them if you don’t know of their existence. Getting the Warped bone after completing a quest isn’t guaranteed.

Quest Name Chance of Getting Warped Bone
Into the Bowels of the Vale 16%
Scratching the Itch 16%
Man’s Best Friend 16%
Radobaan Roadblock 13%
A Rotten Thing to Do 13%
A Bone to Pick 13%
Persistent Pests 12%
On Nightmare’s Wings 12%
The Meat of the Matter 12%
Chef Quest! Pumped to Deliver 12%
Chef Quest! A Rotten Request 12%