Warframe Tier Lists – Do You Really Need Them?

The ways of the Warframes are complex and require dedication to learning. The patient follow Lotus’ guidelines diligently, developing a fighting style, mastering the Warframe armor and learning their best weapons in the game. While this sounds noble, it is time-consuming and will rarely be the chosen path for many Warframe players. That is why so many people are interested in the best Warframe Tier List, a way to cheat their way to perfection without all the hard work.

Are Warframe Tier Lists Really that Helpful?

To some extent yes. Warframes tier lists tend to be tested and proven Warframe and Weapon combinations that will give you maximum impact in every battle. However, the fact that most of the lists out there just tell you of a weapon without considering what kind of Warframe you chose makes the lists a bit counterproductive.

warframe tier list

The best way to use PVE tier lists like this constantly updated one is by internalizing the comments and discussions going on in the list and applying them to your decision making rather than taking them as the naked truth.

What is Your Playing Style?

Your fighting and playing style will dictate what Warframe tier list works best for you. This is deeply ingrained into Warframe’s game programming and is evident from the fact that your very first choice in the game gives you armor (a Warframe) that is inclined towards your playing style.

There is a wide range of Warframes, from the basic but formidable Volt Warframe to others like Loki, Rhino, and Saryn. Your Warcraft will determine how you play, the melee weapons you use, your primary weapon and basically everything in your personal Warframe tier list.

The official Warframe website gives a quick description and a cool cinematic trailer on each Warframe to help you choose the right mod for your experiments.

Warcraft Tier Lists Take the Fun Away

The fun in Warcraft and other multiplayer games is to give you an almost endless combination of possibilities that let you enjoy the game in a new way every time you play. The true masters of Warcraft will take the challenge head on and forge a path using what they have, adapting it and plugging weaknesses as they go by. Using a Warcraft tier list might make things easier but it will definitely take the exploratory fun out of the game.

Moreover, Warcraft tier lists approach the sophisticated armor-weapon-playing style in a simplified manner that is almost always misleading. A projectile weapon that performs excellently in one situation can be pathetic in another situation. This isn’t bad. It’s just how Warcraft is. That is how the game survived it’s test of time and still retains its appeal.

If you’re still hellishly bent on Warcraft tier lists, you can check this out for a start. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DdsYLFaWL58_mQeKewm_ejCQdfXM7hSVx9o4PbZ-yD8/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true#