War Thunder Disk Read/Write Error

While War Thunder plays smooth and rarely has any gameplay problems, it is that annoying Disk Read Writer Error that comes up when updating the game client that makes the game annoying but still playable. The War Thunder disk read/write error could be such a bummer especially if it has been preventing you from downloading and installing big client updates.

If you cannot fix the error, you will have to patiently sit by your computer clicking the retry button until your War Thunder update is done.

What Causes the Disk Read/Write Error War Thunder?

The most popular cause is an antivirus that is taking too long to verify the files War Thunder wants to use in the update. This means that the antivirus will lock up the file until it can scan it hence making the War Thunder client think there is a read/write error.

This will mostly happen if your PC and the server are on a heavy load hence somehow restricting the speed at which your antivirus can access, scan and clear the files your system wants to use in the upgrade.

War Thunder Disk Read/Write Error Fix

Since the antivirus is the problem, your solution lies in deactivating the antivirus for as long as you a running the upgrade or just exclude the War Thunder folder from antivirus protection.

Disabling your antivirus might leave your system at risk. Don’t do it for longer than it is necessary. You can try method 2 to keep safety intact.

Turning Off Antivirus Software

This is a simple but temporary fix that will hold for as long you want it to. First, disable the antivirus before launching the game and trying to run the upgrade.

Most antivirus will let you do quick disable protection by right-clicking the antivirus icon on the toolbar or the tray. You will find a disable protect option with options for minutes, an hour or until next restart. I prefer choosing ‘until next restart’ since it is hard to estimate how long the update will take.

You can now launch War Thunder client and run the update without any Read/Write errors.

Excluding Your War Thunder Game Folder From Protection

This is a slightly longer but permanent and safer solution to the problem. You should launch your Antivirus software and find the exceptions/exclusions option in your settings tab.

Once you identify the exclusions sections, use the add option and include the War Thunder game folder into the list and you will no longer be subject to antivirus scans from now on.