How to Unlock Both Endings in Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil VII demo has been around for a while and players have spent hours trying to get a good escape from the Baker family house in vain. This is bound to change after Capcom released the third and last demo update to the title. The Midnight Version update introduces a handgun, a monster and most importantly; two different endings to the game.

There are two resident evil 7 endings

  • The bad or infected ending
  • The good ending that sees the hero escape the house safe

resident evil 7 both endings

The Bad Ending

Bad news first. The infected ending is the simplest. Begin by using a lever in the fireplace to open a secrete access door on the wall by the bookshelf. Go into the area behind the panel to retrieve the fuse. Place your fuse into the fuse box that you will find on the wall next to the piano. You can go upstairs after doing this.

Find the attic stairs and head into the room with a bed and a trashcan. Be keen to ignore the phone in the attic. You can collect sum handgun ammunition from under the bed or extra bullets on the crates. The most important item in the attic would be the basement key that sits on the table.

Head back downstairs and head to that moldy door that was always locked in the Twilight Version Update. The door is now unlocked and you can use it to head into the hallway.

You will find a gated door at the end of the hallways. The key you collected in the attic opens this, revealing a flight of stairs that leads you into the dark basement. An immediate right into a room with the shelves is what you need to find the attic key.

This will activate the Baker family’s fouled experiments. The scary and slimy creatures are the molded and have grotesque features, sharp fangs, and claws. Find a way around them and head back upstairs. You will find that Jack Baker has blocked the door and will have to wait for the monsters to come into the room, use one of the hanging bodies to shield yourself as you kick it into the creature and knock it down.

Kick the door open immediately after this. Run up the stairs, into the attic and up the ladder. You will get an infection along the way and won’t escape the room. You can alternatively get your infection by hitting the molded from close quarters so that its ooze lands on you.

Escaping Clean

The steps are almost similar to the infection escape only that you will have to smash some crates. Follow the infected ending steps above until you get into the basement. Go into the gurney to collect the valve before going back to pick up the attic key.

Beat the Monster and Jack the same way as before (using the body bags.) Head into the bathroom, that would be the first room on the right after the moldy door, and apply the valve onto the pope next to the toilet. This drains the bloody toilet bowl and lets you retrieve the handgun.

Collect as much ammo as you can. If you followed the guide well, you will already have some from the attic. Get more from the shelf on the hallway and smash any crates you see to get more bullets. You will need a total of around six bullets to kill the creature.

Even though you can use the axe it is safer to shoot it from a distance, on the head, using the handgun. Be keen to keep of the goo it produces.

Once killed, return to the attic, climb the ladder and walk out of the door. That will be the end of the Resident Evil VII demon and you will have experienced the gun combat in the game.

Resident Evil VII will be out on January 24, 2017 and available on PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation VR and Xbox One.