Undertale Cheat Engine Hacks and Cheat Table

If you are into role-playing like Divinity Original Sin 2, you will definitely find this older but invigorating title more exciting. Undertale gives you control over a human child fallen into a secluded underground region below the surface of the earth. With resources low and time-limited, you will find the Cheat Engine cheats and hacks very useful.

undertale cheat engine table pc

Cheat Engine Undertale solutions revolve around the use of Cheat Tables and scripts to alter game values and give you more in-game resources. If you don’t want to use the cheat table, you can still search for your own cheats as long as you know your way around Cheat Engine.

If it is your first time using Cheat Engine, you will need to go through our download, installation and getting started guide for Cheat Engine.

The following table was compiled by FryGuy using a table originally created by Linkis20. You can grab a copy of the table here.

Undertale Cheat Table features

  • Edit all inventory slots with drop-down menus for any item selection
  • Manipulate counters like murder level, turn counter and steps counter
  • Freeze steps counter at 0 for No Random Encounters and vary from 0 to 99999 for high or Instant Encounter
  • Invincibility
  • Speed hack to make go faster
  • Battlegroup to choose what to fight next
  • Access to all the 512 story flags

If you want to use Cheat Engine as a platform, you can combine it with File Dropper and implement your own cheats and hack searches without relying on any cheat table. This might be a long process to follow but it will ensure that you end up with all the cheats and hacks you ever needed.

Remember that having Cheat Engine in your system might have an effect on other games that frown upon game cheating. Always remember to either get rid of Cheat Engine before playing such games or force them to stay in offline mode for as long as you have cheat engine installed. Failure to do this might lead to a game account ban.