Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Cheats & Hacks? No Thanks

We at Game CMD are great fans of game cheats and hacks as long as they don’t affect any third party or don’t water down the game experience in any way. This is the main reason why we always frown upon multiplayer game cheats or hacks.

Cheating in a multiplayer engagement is simply frustrating to the other players and does away with the competitive edge of the game. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (TABG) is both multiplayer and a joke that turned serious. Your role in the game isn’t really to win. It is to have as much fun as possible – even if you will have that fun dying.

The weird physics in the game, massive recoils, bodies taking off at terrific speeds, and almost impossible shots is what made it turn from a joke to something serious, something we can all enjoy.

totally accurate battle grounds cheats and hacks

This doesn’t mean that there are no cheaters in the game so far. You can download free or even premium game trainers and cheat scripts that will either make you invincible or give you endless ammo right away. This is partly due to the fact that the developers didn’t have an anti-cheat system in place and won’t be creating one until the game is more stable.

Anyone cheating in the game can get away with it no problem. Genuine players will have to make do since there is no reliable way of getting rid of these spoilsports as of today.

The good news is some of the cheats might appear like regular game glitches and bugs that you have to contend with as you wait for the next patch.

Sometimes, players might appear to warp out of space due to server glitches. Such a character will seem like a cheat to you while in the real sense they are genuine players who are victims of the somewhat sadistic game that is Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.

Right now, the only thing you can do to make the Totally Accurate Battlegrounds world more accurate is by avoiding using any cheats or hacks yourself. Just enjoy the silly game as it was meant to be. If you want something serious, go to Fortnite or PUBG.