Top Super Mario Run Cheat Codes, Hacks and Tips

Looking for the latest and most reliable cheats on Super Mario Run? Look no further. This is your ultimate Super Mario Run wiki and we will be updating all the game cheats, hacks, tips and glitches as they come up. Anything to give you an upper hand in the next big thing in mobile gaming after Pokemon Go.

Currently, there aren’t any Super Mario Run cheat codes since the game is yet to hit the market. But as always, the first version of the game will most definitely have a couple of glitches and bugs that will make it easy to get our first cheat codes and hacks.

Super Mario Run hacks for rooted Android phones or jailbroken iPhone and iPad will always be a great hit especially if you are seeking to edit game files directly to get an upper hand in the first game from Nintendo to ever go mobile on anything else but the official Nintendo mobile gaming consoles.