Top 5 Most Powerful Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Ships

It is better to die for the Emperor that to live for yourself. This sounds like a great catchphrase for a kamikaze officer who won’t abandon ship as long as a chance to fight still exists. But you will still want a strong battle platform to bring your loyalty to bear while playing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

Regardless of whether you are in the Imperial Navy, the Tau Empire, busy wrecking mayhem with the Chaos faction or plundering with the Ork Pirates, you will need the most powerful Battlefleet Gothic: Armada ships to carry the day. Here are my top five favorites.

Notable Facts About the Battlefleet Ships

The ships are astronomical. Of cause you need astronomical travel the galaxy. With most of the ships ranging from a kilometer to eight kilometers long, the battle is never about fast dogfights. It focuses on maneuvering, armor, and armament.

  1. The Desolator

The Desolator has speed and armament on her side and will take down her enemies long before they get a chance to fire their first shots. The broadside bristles with long-range lances, dorsal batteries and prow mounted torpedoes that are as formidable as her high speed turns even the worst Captain into a formidable foe.



You can use the long distance lances to tear through heavy armor or dispatch a tirade of torpedoes to take care of anyone who comes too close for your liking. Up close and personal battles will bring to bear the power plasma projectiles making the Desolator a true flagship of the Chaos Faction.

  1. The Nightshade

The Nightshade is all about the speed and surprise. Think of it as those fast boats you will need to go into harm’s way, the torpedo boats. This is what it is since all it packs is Prow Light Torpedo Launchers. These deliver a lethal dose of standard issue Elda Corsairs torpedoes that boast of a very sensitive target acquisition system and a powerful neutron or vortex warhead.

battlefleed gothic nightshade

Every captain in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada will shudder whenever the Nightshades enter battle. The Eldar attack on Naxos demonstrates their portent power when only a squadron of three Nightshades eluded Chaos Damnation’s Fury escort and crippled it with just three torpedo runs. The nightshade packs no armor, has a rotation score of 5o (the highest maneuverability in the fleets) and cruises at a speed of 375.

  1. The Eclipse

When I need to pack an extra punch without sacrificing the speed, I will turn my head to The Eclipse. This is arguably one of the most effective carrier vessel that will deploy an almost invincible swarm of Eagle bombers and Darkstar fighters from a safe distance. It’s agility and speed gives it the freedom to dart into the mayhem, release the fighters and withdraw before things get out of hand.

Even though the Eclipse class battle cruisers pack a prow starcannon and prow pulser, it is its launch bays and the fighters it can deploy that make it such a formidable battle weapon. Think of it as the ‘earthlings’ World War II that saw the power of aircraft carriers bring to an end the reign of the dreadnought.

  1. Ork’s Hammer Battle Cruiser

The Hammer is the true bridge between the light Battlefleet ships and the mighty dreadnoughts that stretch up to 8 kilometers in length. You will get a Prow Gunz cannon that can either be a Prow Mega Zzap or a Mega Zzap Kannon Turret. For torpedoes, you will pack the Mega Kannon launcher variant.

All in all, the Hammer is an effective weapons platform that will take on almost anything that is inferior to a full-fledged battleship and use its size to dominate the battle whilst letting its almost acceptable maneuvering give you an upper hand with strategy.

  1. The Hellbringer Light Cruiser

The design and spirit of this light cruiser is with no doubt in resonance with its name. The Hellbringer has tons of dangerous weapons and will carry a couple of landing craft, assault boats and strike crafts with ease.

It’s speed coupled with the heavy armament makes it a great attack vessel that will easily take down any cruiser. The only problem is it is a go hard or go home battleship. If you don’t use your armament and resources to bring hell in the first few seconds, your enemy will tear through the almost nonexistent armor and send you back to hell in no time.