Top 10 Weakest Pokemon of All Times

Pokemon is a mobile game that involves virtual content reality. It aims to deliver the Pokemon experience in real-life. As a result, gamers are able to capture their favorite Pokemon in the real world. The technology they use is the same as that of Google Maps. You can download Pokemon from the Apple app store or Play Store.

Nonetheless, the best Pokemon or the weakest Pokemon card depends on how you use them. The stats of each game determine if the game is strong or weak. The power of the attack, Defense, and Stamina of Pokemon will contribute to who is the weakest Pokemon. Since Pokemon has varying base stats, those with higher CP points have greater multiples. At this point, we have narrowed down to top ten weakest Pokemon.


weedle pokemon

Weedle is among the weakest Pokemon card in the Pokemon series. This worm-like Pokemon evolves to Kauna which later evolves to Beedrill. The noun comes from worm and needle or weed and needle.

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This game got half decent moves when in high level, for instance, level 11. Weedle pursue horrible moves ever. It can even faint before using a dang move against a lower-level Pokemon. You can even lose it after a single move. Generally, it sucks.


ledian pokemon

Ledian has a cp holder of 1275. In my opinion, this is the weakest Pokemon ever. It has numerous faults including typing. Its move is boring despite having potent harm against pure grass.


wobbuffet pokemon

Wobbufett is a letter Pokemon of mysterious origin. Nevertheless, there is no mystery of how this game loses much. The signature move of its hidden power changes type based on users ivs. It has a quality attack stat and a cp of 1022.


luvdisc pokemon

This is a terrible Pokemon that doesn’t even evolve. No doubt, it was made just to fill in Pokedex space. Its movepool, base stats and everything else is horrible. The only positive side with Luvdisc is that it has the ability to swim and so strong. Still, it can beat camerupt using water gun in its hole. The design is awful and in general, nothing good about it.


cosmog pokemon

As much as some people adore this Pokemon, it is among the top ten weakest Pokemon. It’s weak as it only knows splash and teleport. It’s weaker than expected despite having a cool design. Above all, it’s pointless to use in battle, unless you want to use the two moves (splash and teleport) in the battle.

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If you are still wondering why Unown is the weakest Pokemon ever, it’s because of the single move. The hidden power which almost every pokemon can learn is the only Unown knows. It has terrible stats all over and it takes up most Pokemon cards for a single Pokemon.


Pichu pokemon

Perhaps it should be among the top pages of the weakest Pokemon. The only good thing with Pichu is a light ball and Pikachu. It damages himself and got weak moves. The stats are horrible (the defense is wanting, the speed is sick, and the attack is not best).



Pikachu is one of the weakest Pokemon despite the great looks. The stats are enough to tell you this Pokemon is overrated. It doesn’t use its electric moves. It loses to an untrained snivy. It can’t beat anything. Not sure even why it was introduced.


burny pokemon

Burmy is one of those sick Pokemon that only knows Harden. The only fine thing about Burmy is that it can change types. If not, you will either have trashy pinecone, sandy, or a leafy thing. It’s ugly in all forms and evolutions. In my opinion, its stats are horrible, moves, and pokelathon.

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metapod pokemon

Metapod only know Harden. And until it evolves, it will take forever because harden does no damage. It can learn anything new or good. For it to make a kill, it will take about 29 hits.

Pokemon days aren’t gone. These creatures are phenomenal, creepy, and endearing. Their mystery continues to gain popularity each day. To soothe the constant question what is the weakest Pokemon, we have listed who is the weakest Pokemon and why he/she is on the list.