This War of Mine Cheats, Tips and Trainer

Any survivalist game will need you to not only hold your own against the enemy but to also be shrewd when using in-game resources. This War of Mine is not any different. This war survival game drawn from the Siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian war makes you the Civilian who is struggling to live in a war-torn society. This is different from the Battlefield or Call of Duty titles that give you a professional soldier at the front line.

This is different. It is make shift, and it is all about wit and survival. As resources run short, you might find yourself looking for the helping god mode hand of cheats, hacks, and trainers. We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve to help you get more fun from the game.

Regular This War of Mine Cheats and Tricks

You don’t really need cheat engine or game trainers to hack and exploit This War of Mine. The game is built in such a way that if you are clever, you can manipulate the game as you please. After all, it is all about survival.

There’s a trainer and a cheat table at the very bottom if you’re keen on real cheats and hacks

this war of mine cheats

If you just want tips and tricks to help you stay prepared when playing This War of Mine, you can start with these:

  • When going out scavenging, always carry a crowbar. It is a weapon and a great way to open doors and cabinets
  • Listen to the radio and pay attention to special events that will put items on offer. This would be the best time to trade
  • Look for items you want where they’d be naturally stored. Food in the fridge or kitchen and jewelry in safes and cabinets
  • Never kill a trader who begs for mercy. You can get supplies like Raw Food, Canned Food and medical supplies from that trader every other day
  • Take valuables you don’t want lost with you when you go out scavenging. No raider can steal them when they are on your person
  • When hunting for fuel in winter, chop up what you get and only take fuel. Wood occupies more space than fuel

This War of Mine Cheats – Combat

In This War of Mine, combat must be avoided at all costs. The idea is to survive, not kill and exterminate as many people as you can.

  • Combat isn’t easy. Don’t jump into big battles before you can master it
  • Sneak onto enemies and backstab them with a knife for relatively silent takedowns. If there are more enemies around, you might still be discovered
  • Combine your firearms with melee weapons to increase your fighting capabilities
  • Spring to attract guard attention and lure them into hiding zones where you can ambush and silently attack
  • Don’t jump into firefights until you get a helmet and an armored vest. Taking cover only reduces damage you take so these will help

This War of Mine has the most dangerous nights possible. This is why it is wise to sleep during the day and stand guard or scavenge at night.

This War of Mine Mr. Antifun Trainer

Once you have mastered the basics, you can use the following trainer to get an upper hand. The features in this trainer include:

  • Infinite health
  • Infinite items
  • Reset day
  • Instant crafting
  • Infinite items for crafting
  • Cure all wounds, get full rest and keep your scavengers never hungry

You can also get a nondescript This War of Mine CE cheat table here