The Native Pokemon Go Tracking Feature Finally Makes Sense

I’ve always being relying on third party Pokemon tracking solutions when Playing Pokemon Go since Niantic had simply refused to make the native tracker reliable or didn’t know how to. Things were getting increasingly frustrating since Niantic Labs was busy shutting down these Pokemon trackers as fast as they came up, leaving hunters blind and frustrated.

The reason behind this monopolistic bans was that Niantic was working on an official live tracker that actually works.

It’s More Convenient and Usable

The new tracker shows you the photo of the Pokestop closest to each Pokemon on the list. Tapping on a Pokemon springs up a path that guides you to the exact point where the Pokemon is located.

While this might be normal to people used to third party trackers, it’s added practicality and accuracy will make people think twice about downloading add-on trackers.

The footstep comeback will definitely be a plus to hunters out there. The problem, however, is that the tracker will still leave you stranded and wandering aimlessly in low Pokestop action areas.  With some reporting that the tracker isn’t working in their low action regions, It might be safe to assume that Niantic Labs is yet to roll out to less populated areas.