Terraria Cheat Engine Tables to Edit Item Values & Characters

You can only play the Terraria world for so long before looking for a faster way to survive, earn your fortune and live your glory. The Terraria 1.2.5.X cheat engine tables let you edit this and so much more, giving you access to the invincibility you need to conquer the Terraria 2D world.

Cheat Engine tables (.ct) are a decent way to manipulate game item values. Cheat Engine is an open source tool that lets you manipulate memory locations related to a game hence invoking the desired change in item value, character health or skill.

Before starting, you will first have to download and install Cheat Engine (if you don’t have it). After that, you can come back here and grab your cheat tables to get started. Remember that having Cheat Engine on your system can result in a ban on other online game accounts like Dark Souls 3 or Battlefield 1. You can block such games from accessing the internet or simply uninstall them to keep your account safe.

terraria cheat engine tables

Terraria Cheat Engine Table

Rudo and Justa_dude helped compile a decent Terraria 1.3.5.x cheat table that has amazing features you will love on your game. The table will:

  • Use CTRL+F2 to max the stack of whatever your cursor is hovering over in your inventory.
  • Fullbright lights all your tiles
  • Expose player variables like freeze or change health, mana, position, and defense.
  • Modify the stats on any item you want
  • Change a log into a functional dungeon key
  • Stay immune from stoning, webbing, freezing and other attacks
  • Change time of day or spawn invasions
  • Change the maximum number of minions you can spawn
  • Extended reach allowing you to interact with items from 10 times the ‘traditional’ reach distance
  • Implement obsidian skin to stay immune from lava damage

Before using the cheat tables, be sure to upgrade your .NET/XNA to the most recent version. Also, ensure that you are using the AMD or Intel cheat table depending on your system. The tables work on Terraria version but they may not work on a GOG or modded version of the game.

Terraria AMD cheat table

Terraria Intel cheat table