Tales of Zestiria Cheat Engine CT

Bandai Namco’s Tales of Zestiria is a great role-playing game that not only gives you a chance to use mystical powers to stabilize the land but also lets you try a hand in a unique but interesting battle system. Exploring the open world is fun. As it is the case with an open world game, there’s always so much to explore you can’t cover everything on one pass. The Tales of Zestiria Cheat Engine hacks give you an upper hand during those second runs or when you simply want to mod the game and make it more fun.

tales of zestiria cheat engine

Getting Started With Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is the Swiss Knife of game cheating. There’s virtually no game that can stand against the powers of Cheat Engine as long as you know what you are doing. If this is your first time hearing about Cheat Engine (CE,) you’ll want to go through our introductory guide to get up to speed.

You can use the CE memory location mining technique to find different registers, pointers or memory locations you can edit to affect in-game values like Battle Results, grades, Infinite BG, unlimited spirit chain and more.

However, if you want the easy way out, you can use CE cheat tables that come with all the hacks and tricks bundled and ready for use.

Useful Tales of Zestiria Cheat Engine Hacks

Here are some of the most interesting CE hacks for Tales of Zestiria. They’re bundled in a cheat table you can download here:

  • Unlimited hit points: You won’t take damage
  • Unlimited Hit Points with 1 hit KO
  • Unlimited spirit chain
  • EXP multiplier: won’t show in battles
  • Monster kills
  • Change final Grade
  • Super sprint
  • Infinite water cloak making Water Temple easier to handle
  • Enemy book
  • Change game difficulty
  • Increased battle difficulties (400 hard wins unlock Insane, 400 insane wins unlock Chaos)
  • Max support levels
  • Equipment editor