Super Mario Odyssey on PC (Not Yet Legally Possible)

Nintendo is notoriously known for keeping its best titles to itself. This means that iconic titles like Super Mario Odyssey will never get an official port to PC. While this might not be an issue to people hellishly bent on playing the game on PC, we peaceful and respectful creatures have to admit that we cannot play the game on PC.

super mario odyssey on pc

It is possible to play Super Mario Odyssey on PC with some tweaks and the latest emulators for the Nintendo platform.

However, this might not be the right thing to do since it is still a very fresh game and Nintendo is actively monetizing it. While they might not really care if you use an emulator to play old NES games or use the Mario 64 on PC emulator, they will be furious if they found out that you are cracking and emulating their latest game.

Try the Fun Emulator for Super Mario Odyssey 64

If you still want the Odyssey experience but don’t want to purchase a Nintendo gaming console, you can fire up your emulator and load this Mario 64 mod. You will not get all the game features but you can toss around your cap to gather coins, possess enemies and temporarily jump to reach those tough places.

Other PC enthusiasts who have come to terms with the fact that there won’t be a Super Mario Odyssey port to PC created this exciting video taunting the whole idea behind the game. It could be a good way to laugh off your loss.