Subnautica Console Codes Cheats and Hacks

Subnautica is that legendary open world survivalist game that takes a twist by diving under the seas. The first installment to this Unknown Worlds Entertainment production went live on Steam back on December 16 2014. The goal is to explore the alien seas by scuba diving and traveling in submersibles as you collect resources and food to survive. It’s pretty much the under the water version of No Man’s Sky.

This Subnautica console commands video test the closest you will get to cheats and hacks in this game. They will help you make your item collection and overall surviving simpler hence letting you explore the Aurora, the alien sea, and its monsters faster.

The in-development game is available on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS but the official Version One for Xbox One will go live on January 19, 2017. As such, there is a wide range of Subnautica console commands for PC or Xbox One that let you modify how you experience the game.

Some of the most popular Subnnautica console commands to expect by the end of this guide include:

How to Cheat in Subnautica

Here is how to use Console in Subnautica. It is important that you master the approach for different platforms since this is mandatory if at all you are to successfully use the console commands we’ve listed below.


  1. When on PC, press F3 and you’ll see a “Disable Console” checkbox to the top left.
  2. Press F8 to get mouse cursor and then use your mouse to uncheck the box and activate the console.
  3. Once done, press “Enter” and type your command.
  4. You will have to press an overlay key, for instance, F3, every time you restart the game before using the cheat codes on PC.

On Xbox One

  1. To launch the Subnautica console in Xbox One, launch the game and get into the world then press LB+RB+A at the same time.
  2. You will see the dev console. Entering Xbox or PC cheats here should work.
  3. Entering Xbox or PC cheats here should work.
  4. Note that all cheats will disable when you leave the game and you will have to re-enter them on reload.

Subnautica PC Cheats

SPEED Can go faster or slower
FASTBUILD Faster building
MADLOOT Free useful items
NODAMAGE Invincibility
NOCOST No crafting/building costs
RADIATION No Radiation
DAYNIGHTSPEED Set the speed of the day speed and the night speed
DAY Set to day
NIGHT Set to night
SUB CYCLOPS Spawn Cyclops
SPAWN SEAMOTH 1 Spawn Seamoth
BIOME (Name) Teleport to biomes
WARPME Teleport to safety
OXYGEN Unlimited Oxygen

Subnautica Xbox One Cheats

nocost can make anything without any materials
fastbuild faster building
Madloot Free useful items
Oxygen Infinite oxygen
Radiation no radiation
day set to day
night set to night
sub Cyclops spawn Cyclops
item (name of item) (amount) spawn item
Spawn seamoth 1 Spawn seamoth
nodamage Take no damage
biome (name) teleport to biomes
warpme teleport to safety
Allblueprints unlocks all blue prints

Subnautica Teleporting Hack

You cannot easily teleport to different parts of the Subnautica world by using the teleport command. There is also the warp feature that is almost similar to activating a teleporter. Warping will take you from one coordinate to another. The only catch is that you can warp yourself but you can not warp your ship or vehicle. This console command comes in handy when you want to get into locked rooms or when you want to relocate to another area fast.

How to Activate Subnautica Teleport

The Subnautica Teleport system uses the ‘goto [name]’ command where name is the location you want to teleport to. Here is a list of the different places you can teleport to when playing Subnautica.


goto aurora

Teleports the player to the ramp leading into the Aurora’s belly

If you are still exploring the Aurora, teleporting into locked rooms might make some elements of the rooms you enter not to load. Consider hunting the door codes and going into the rooms the normal way. Alternatively, you can warp into the rooms.

  • genroom: Aurora’s generator room.
  • cargoroom: Aurora’s cargo room.
  • exoroom: Aurora’s exosuit room.

Degasi Bases

  • base1: Degasi seabase on the Floating Island.
  • base1a: One of the mountaintop Seabases on the Floating Island.
  • base1b: One of the mountaintop Seabases on the Floating Island.
  • base2: The abandoned Seabase in the Jellyshroom Cave.
  • base3: The abandoned Seabase in the Deep Grand Reef.


Teleporting to wreck sites isn’t so efficient as it might make some elements of the wreck glitch out. Warping with fixed coordinates is always a better solution.  Just use the goto [wreck site] to teleport to that wreck. Here are the different wreck sites in the Subnautica game.

  • wreck1
  • wreck2
  • wreck3
  • wreck4
  • wreck5
  • wreck6
  • wreck7
  • wreck8
  • wreck9
  • wreck10
  • wreck11
  • wreck12
  • wreck13
  • wreck14
  • wreck15
  • wreck16
  • wreck17
  • wreck18
  • wreck19
  • wreck20

Alien Bases

  • gun (Quarantine Enforcement Platform)
  • gun_inside
  • gunmoonpool
  • gun_Elevator_Enter
  • gun_Elevator_Exit
  • mountainteleporter
  • prison
  • aquarium(The containment for the sea emperor)
  • antechamber
  • lavacastlebase (Thermal Plant)
  • lavacastlebaseinside
  • Alien Arches
  • mountainteleporter
  • mushroomforestteleporter
  • lostriverteleporter
  • cragfieldteleporter

Escape Pods

  • escapepod21
  • escapepod22
  • escapepod23
  • escapepod24
  • escapepod25
  • escapepod26
  • escapepod27 (Lifepod 4)
  • escapepod28 (Lifepod 3)
  • escapepod29 (Lifepod 2)
  • escapepod30 (Lifepod 19)

Teleporting to Scatters (Random piles of Aurora debris)

  • scatter31
  • scatter32
  • scatter33
  • scatter34
  • scatter35
  • scatter36
  • scatter37
  • scatter38
  • scatter39
  • scatter40
  • scatter41
  • scatter42

Other Teleport Destinations

  • juvenileemperor1 (Northern Blood Kelp Zone)
  • juvenileemperor2 (Crag Field)
  • juvenileemperor3 (Mountains)
  • juvenileemperor4 (Dunes)
  • juvenileemperor5 (Grand Reef)

How to Warp in Subnautica

Warp is another approach that takes you to a specific location. It rarely leads to game environment render glitches making it a better way to enter rooms or environments you want intact for exploration. The only catch is that you have to know the coordinates of your destination for the most powerful warp console command.

warp [x] [y] [z]

This will warp you to a specific spot in the game world. e.g warp 1 1 1. You have to know the exact coordinates you want to warp to or you can just use it randomly for fun


This will warp you forward for given meters, where the given meters is the number you use to replace the #. e.g. warpforward 50


The warpme command is a variation of the warp command (same work logistics) only that you can use it to warp items. This is your answer if you have been looking for how to warp or teleport the Cyclops, a Seabase or a Lifepod. It will teleport whichever of these structures you entered last.