Subnautica Aurora Codes

Subnautica Aurora Codes

Subnautica is the true spirit of open world, or is it ocean, exploration. There is so much to do, so many minerals to gather, parts to fabricate and most importantly does to go through. You will need to know a couple of codes to survive the Aurora, a spacecraft that ventures into the Ariadne Arm to build a phasegate and also search for and perhaps rescue the Degasi crew survivors.

The Aurora crashes after a hit during a slingshot maneuver around Planet 4546B hence leading to your current woes as the Lifepod 5 survivor.

To gain full access to the Aurora, you will need door codes or Subnautica passcodes to almost every locked room, from the living quarters to the storage rooms. Finding all the Subnautica Aurora door codes will definitely give you an upper hand.

Subnautica Aurora Codes at a Glance

  1. Cargo Bay 3 Access Code (1454)
  2. Locker room code (1869)
  3. Seamoth Bay door (no code, repair door using Repair Tool to open)
  4. Laboratory door code (6489)
  5. Cabin 1 door code (warp to 976 11.4-72)

Read on for more explanation on how to use the door codes and other Subnautica codes and clues to help you explore the Aurora

Preparing to Explore the Aurora

Before going in to explore the Aurora, you will need the right equipment and contextual awareness to avoid repeated failure.

  • A radiation suit to protect you from the damaged ship engine
  • A weapon like the Stasis rifle to fend off the cave crawlers
  • A repair tool to fix damaged things you might need
  • The propulsion canon to remove barriers from the way or bleeders from your arms
  • A fire extinguisher
  • A laser cutter

Getting to the Aurora from the Lifepod 5

There are two ways to the Aurora from your crash site. First, you can go to the right side of the shore and clear up the entryway behind a floodlight. You will find some fire extinguisher behind the crates and a fire beyond this. The entrance takes you straight to the laboratory

The second is by going up a ramp on the front section of the ship. This will lead you to a corridor that leads straight into the Aurora. On your way in, you can salvage a couple of Vac-packs with crafted items in them. Be on the lookout when salvaging. Raw materials like Titanium or Titanium Ingots might come in handy when fabricating handy tools and vehicles like the Subnautica Seamoth.

Pro Tip: Always sift through any PDAs or listen to any radio stations you encounter when exploring. These will give you access codes that are then downloaded to your PDA (in the Codes & Clues sections) for your reference. This is the right way to gather all Subnautica Aurora passcodes.

Subnautica Aurora Ship Codes

Instead of just listing all the Aurora ship codes, I am going to subdivide the guide and tell you how to get into each section of the ship before using the respective code.

Cargo Bay 3 Access Code (1454)

You can find this code in the Administration room. You’ll get to the administration block faster if you enter the wrecked ship through the front section. Just after going beyond the first fire on the T-Section, turn to the right. You will see a corridor leading to Cargo Bay 3 and a door to the right leading to ‘Administration’

The Administration office has a Data Terminal that lets you download the ‘Alterra Launches the Aurora” log. Salvage the room to find a Prawn Suit poster and a PDA that gives you access to a data file, “Essential Life Things” this is what will give you the player code ‘1454.’

Once you have these, head over to Cargo Bay 3. You can use your repulsion canon to clear any rubble on your way or climb over the cargo. You will then find a locked door that you can open with the 1454 code.

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Accessing the Seamoth Bay

There isn’t a Seamoth Bay door code. The access panel to the door would be damaged Using your Repair Tool will fix it and the door will be unlocked without any code.

Locker Room Code

You will first have to cut through the sealed door into the locker room. You will find some open lockers in the room. Salvage for things like batteries water and first aid kits but pay attention for a PDA with the ‘Sweet Offer’ data download. This will give you the player code ‘1869’

Accessing the Prawn Suit Bay

The Prawn Suit Bay is just next to the locker room. This has a damaged access panel. Repairing it will give you access to the room. You will find PRAWN suits hanging on the roof and other suit fragments lying around.

Clearing the fires will let you scan all items in the room and clear a door that will take you to the ‘Living Quarters”

The Laboratory Code

Just before you get to the lab, you will find a room with a data download panel that gives you access to the ‘Aurora Black Box Data. You can pick this as it will give you an Energy Pulse origin signal. Move on and use the laser cutter on a door that leads to the laboratory.

A PDA with a data download file ‘Lab Access’ will give you the Subnautica Aurora lab code 6483. You can use this code to open the two doors that lead to the lab’s storage rooms.

Subnautica Aurora Door Codes List

  • Locker room 1869
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Laboratory: 6489

Living quarters second door code (Aurora Captain’s Quarter’s)

The code for the last key padded door in Aurora crew quarters will come in the near future. Currently, you can’t get into the room without some bit of tricks. Use the ‘Warp” console to teleport into the room. The commands are:

  • “warp 976 11.5 -72” to enter
  • “warp 976 11.5 -70” to exit

The Subnautica Captain’s quarters door codes are still hazy. If you don’t want to warp in and out of the quarters, you can try 2679. It worked for me.

The room contains big Aurora paint, cap on the desk, a PDA on the bed , beer in a wardrobe, a small Aurora model and most importantly blueprints that will help you build a rocket to leave the planet. This room is arguably the Captain’s quarters

While knowing the Subnautica Aurora codes in advance is good as it saves you the trouble and frustration of searching, you might not salvage the items that are next to the PDAs or data consoles that give you access to the codes. It is a small price to pay for cutting corners in this highly exploratory game. Use these Subnautica hacks if you don’t mind missing out.

If you are playing the experimental version of Subnautica, your Aurora will have 2 doors next to each other when you enter. Many explorers have spent hours looking for the door codes and have ended up naming these two doors cabin 1 and cabin 2. As of now, We don’t have any confirmed working Cabin 1 door codes or Cabin 2 codes.

There are alternative ways to get into these cabins though.

Getting into Cabin 1 by Warp

Warp to 976 11.4-72 and you will find yourself in cabin 1. After exploring, you will have to warp to another location to get out of the room.

Al alternative to warping that will open all the doors in Subnautica Aurora hence eliminating the need for door codes is by using console commands. This command works in the original version of the game without any patches installed.

Open the command console and enter the command ‘unlockdoors

This will unlock all doors. You can explore as you please and enter the same code again into the console once you are done to close the doors.

Subnautica Aurora Walkthrough

Here is a complete gameplay workthrough exploring the Aurora. Use it to see things you perhaps missed out or could improve on next time you go into Subnautica’s crashed ship, Aurora.

Other Important Tips and Tricks

How to Get into the Aurora

Before you can start using the Aurora door codes or warp into buildings, you will first have to figure out how to get inside the Aurora. While some people will tell you to get a propulsion canon to enter the Aurora, you can easily get into the ship without wasting time looking for the canon’s fragments.

The idea is to keep as close to the Aurora as you swim around looking for the entrance. A common mistake players make when looking for how to get in the Aurora is swimming under debris and structures. This is a sure way of missing the opening

To enter the Aurora:

Head to the section of the Aurora that just blew up. You will see something that resembles a bridge among the debris.

Climb onto the platform and walk across the bridge.

To walk past the debris blocking the door, you will have to go to the extreme right side. There you will find a little path that kinda blends into the background making it hard to see. This will take you upwards onto another gangplank that connects the two broken sections of the ship. Walk across and you’ll see a door that goes into the Aurora.

If you had the propulsion canon, you could use it to knock the debris from the way.

Pro Tip: Even though the propulsion canon isn’t a must have to get into the ship, it will save you the time of having to walk around crates and debris blocking doorways

The alternative to walking long ad wide to enter the Aurora is packing a fire extinguisher. You can use this to extinguish dangerous fires that block otherwise usable paths.

How to Enter the Aurora With Least Conflict Possible

To avoid fighting the reapers, approach the aurora from the shallow and head to the back of the ship instead of heading straight to the front. Carefully drive the Seamoth next to the Aurora, all the way staying on the surface of the water. Be keen not to get too close to the ship to avoid being squashed.

Once you start seeing things shake and rumble, you’re close to the front and can now approach and go into the ship through the fractures on the side. Jump onto the ramp leading up and begin your journey into the Aurora.