Stranger Things Game Gnomes Locations

Every action-adventure game worth of its salt always presents a collectibles hunt quest of some kind. Bonus XP Inc’s Stranger Things: The Game is no different. Its emphasis on the main collectibles, Gnomes and Eggos, lends some purpose in what would otherwise be a haphazard exploration of Hawkins and its surroundings.

While the game might not give you the expansive map you’d get on bigger action-adventure titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it still gives a decent challenge in your quest to gather all collectibles especially if you don’t know all the Gnome locations.

Stranger things game gnomes are normally used to unlock the chests in Phil Larsen’s house. For every 3 gnomes that you locate you can open one chest whereby you will be rewarded bonuses and upgrades to improve your characters.

The locations of all Gnomes in the Stranger Things game are hidden pretty well throughout the whole game in very non-conspicuous areas and on this article we are going to show you and explain how to get all the gnomes in Stranger Things game.

Locations of all Gnomes

There are a total of 12 hidden Stranger things game gnomes and each one of them is named and numbered to make things less hard. Phil Larsen’s house has 4 chests which you should find and open. Below is each Gnome’s location.

Gnome #1 – David

Gnome #1 which is named David is found along the shore of the lake and is located just behind Hopper’s home/trailer, northwest side of the middle school. You can access this Gnome only when have completed the first dungeon.

Gnome #2 – Bumble

Gnome no. 2 named Bumble is found in the Forest Maze Dungeon. Once you have unlocked Will, go back to the maze and loop around from the northeast to the southeast part of the map and look for a room with a pipe. Go through the pipe and head down to locate Bumble the Gnome

Gnome #3 – Grumble

Gnome no. 3 named Grumble can be found along to the east of Hawkins Lab where you should look for a footpath picking up just before the quarry. When you find the path, continue moving south along it to find Grumble

stranger things the game gnomes locations

Gnome #4 – Tumble

Tumble is the fourth gnome and is found in the forest on the south side of the middle school. Go inside the forest through the south side and here you will need to use Nancy to break the logs and gain entry using her bat. Move into the forest to find Tumble the Gnome and collect it.

Gnome #5 – Sam

Sam the fifth Gnome is found back in the Middle School dungeon. When inside, look for a room at the northernmost part of the dungeon. Break the suitcase open to discover a cracked wall where you can use Nancy’s bat to break the wall and move into the room to find Sam

Gnome #6 – Pipsy

Pipsy the sixth Gnome is a pumpkin lover and is therefore found in the Pumpkin Patch at the far west end part of town. Go to Hopper’s house through the pipe and find Will and make your way to the corn maze in the west and here use Nancy to break the log open. When in pick up Pipsy near the center of the maze

Gnome #7 – Tipsy

Tipsy the seventh Gnome is found in the woods west of the Sewers dungeon entrance. Search for a bear that is guarding a chest nearby. Use Nancy to break the log nearby and go rescue the drunken Gnome

Gnome #8 – Robil

Robil the eighth Gnome which is located inside Hawkins Lab at the very first dungeon you explore in Stranger Things game and ensure that Will is in your group and enter the lab. When in the room and go up one room to the north and enter the small room on your right. In the room search for a pipe on the northeast and crawl through it locate Robil

Gnome #9 – Bobil

Bobil the ninth Stranger things game Gnome loves strong smells and therefore is found in the Sewer Dungeon. With Will in your group, go to the first room of the Sewers and use him to enter the pipe on the northwest corner of the room which will lead you to the other side and find Bobil.

Gnome #10 – Wigglebum

The tenth Stranger Things game Gnome is located within the Hawkins Public Library. Proceed to the library and move to the room in the northeast corner. While in this area, move down to the room below to find Wigglebum.

NB: You wait until the lights are on to grab Wigglebum or still grab it when they are off

Gnome #11 – Lord Twinklenose

Twinklenose the eleventh Stranger Things game Gnome is located towards Hawkins High School. Go towards Hawkins High School and move down the street to the west. At the end of the street look for a house with a blue roof and white fence and enter the house to find and obtain Twinklenose.

Gnome #12 – Pop

The last Gnome Pop can be found after you have added Dustin in your group and then always return to the Sattler Quarry and continue moving along the path to the south. This path will later curve east and then up towards a small cave entry, where you will see a bear blocking the way. Here Dustin’s pudding will assist you to lure away the bear and once it is out of the way, proceed to the cave where you will you pass a number of enemies and just as you exit the cave you will find Pop the last Stranger Things game Gnome.

With the above information, you now know where to find all Stranger Things game Gnomes and able to unlock all the chests in Phil Larsen’s house.