Stellaris Console Commands

Any game with an inbuilt console gives you powers and absolute control over the game as long as you know which you should use. Sometimes, if you have the right Stellaris console commands, you won’t even have to use Stellaris Cheat Tables to unlock unlimited supplies, health or capabilities.

How to Open The Stellaris Console on PC

To use the Stellaris console commands, you first have to launch the in-game console. To do this, you will have to press the Tilde (~) key. Some keyboard layouts will give you the tilde key if you press Shift + #.

Even though most of the commands are straightforward, there are some that will need you to first do an action before you can implement the command. Such command will have the text in <>, for instance <Select Planet>.

In addition to this, you will need to know object or item IDs to use the console commands. You can use the following command to bring up the IDs

  • Tweakergui debugtooltip (games before v1.1)
  • Debugtooltip (v1.1 and above)

stellaris console commands

There’s a huge list of possible console commands you could use on Stellaris. The full list could be a bit overwhelming and I have come up with a short version that contains the most useful Stellaris console commands a gamer like you and I would want to use. You can always go through the full list if you think I was a bit stingy with my list.

  • cash – Adds credits
  • ai – Enables/Disables AI
  • minerals – Add minerals. Defaults to 5000.
  • research_technologies – Researches all technologies. (Does NOT affect AI)
  • survey – Surveys all planets
  • influence – Adds Influence
  • debug_yesmen – Makes AI agree to all demands.
  • instant_build – Instantly build. (affects AI)
  • instant_colony – Used with tweakergui. Colony ships will no longer take time to settle. [COMMAND = tweakergui instant_colony]
  • instant_move – Used with tweakergui. Ships will teleport instantly to right click cursor. FTL has no spool up or travel time. [COMMAND = tweakergui instant_move]
  • finish_research – Finishes all research including, Situation log researching. (Does NOT affect AI)
  • Invincible – Makes all of your fleets invincible.
  • nogui – Turns off GUI, good for screenshots.
  • observe – Switches to observer mode.
  • populate – fills all free slots on selected planet with pop. (Doesn’t remove tile blockers.)
  • intel – Almost like disabling fow but doesnt make AI Empires appear.
  • sensor – Removes FOW
  • contact – enables contact with all.
  • help – See a list of available commands
  • Cash [amount] – Adds [amount] cash
  • Engineering [amount] – Adds [amount] engineering points
  • Minerals [amount] – Adds [amount] minerals
  • Influence [amount] – Adds [amount] influence
  • Physics 50000 – Adds Physics
  • Society [amount] – Adds [amount] society
  • add_trait_species – Adds trait (i.e. add_trait_species human intelligent)
  • Instant_Build – Activates instant build
  • research_technologies – All technologies unlocked
  • Resource [resource] [amount] – Adds [amount] of specified [resource]
  • Skills [amount] – Adds [amount] of skills to leaders
  • invincible – Invincibility activated
  • Damage [amount] – Selected ship suffers [amount] damage
  • Crash – Crashes the game
  • Ftl – Activate/deactivate unlimited Ftl
  • Contact – Activate/deactivate contact with all
  • [Selected Planet] populate – Fills all free slots on selected planet with pop
  • Survey – Surveys all planets
  • Techuptade – Resets the player tech tree
  • overnight – Preps for overnight session (i.e. overnight 3)