Stellaris Cheat Engine Table

Exploring space, creating and managing empires and wedging war against other civilizations isn’t that easy. Stellaris pits you against all the odds and gives you an almost endless universe to explore. While the world might not be as expansive as what No Man’s Sky claims to give, there’s arguably more to do than mine ore.

A couple of cheat engine table hacks and trainers will help you draw more fun from the game. Since the multiplayer community isn’t so vibrant and is player controlled, we really don’t have issues with deploying Cheat Engine on this game. You can always combine your cheat table hacks with Stellaris console commands to achieve even bigger fetes in this astronomical game.

If you are new to Cheat Engine, you will have to go through our beginner’s guide that will teach you the basics and walk you through the Cheat Engine installation and usage steps.

stellaris cheat engine

Stellaris Cheat Engine Table for Version 1.4.0

The following cheat table will work on version 1.4.0 of the game. Just download the cheat table and load it as you would any other table. The cheat engine will allow you to:

  • Set minimum resource values
  • Set minimum research points
  • Do quick or pretty quick research
  • Quick building, colonization or production
  • Fast fleet warp
  • Activate God mode for ships, troops, stations or planets

The cheat table lets you activate each script to use it individually and it doesn’t come with anything active.

You can get the cheat table here

Stellaris Recifense Cheat Engine Table

The Recifense cheat engine table is perhaps one of the most robust and comprehensive cheat table in circulation right now. Even though the table comes with all features inactive, all you have to do is activate its script and you are good to go. The table is well structured with complete descriptions and Table extras section to let you know all the Hot Keys you will need to use it.

Since it uses the CE command ASSERT, it will only work with the right game version (Stellaris Version 1.8.2)

You can download the Cheat Table here

Recifense Stellaris Cheat Engine Table Features

  • Minimum Resources:
  • Minimum Research Points:
  • Quick Research
  • Quick Task (for some ships):
  • Quick Production (Ship Construction)
  • Quick Colonization
  • Quick Population
  • Quick Buiding
  • Minimum Production per tile (new)
  • Instant Warp Wind-down (new)
  • Instant Travel via Wormhole (new)
  • Instant Entering Hyperlane (new)
  • Troop Morale (new)
  • Quick Planet Terraforming (removed)
  • Pretty Quick Fleet Move (original by transcendperfection)
  • Planet Anomaly (original by transcendperfection) (v7.2)
  • Player’s Characters quick level-up to max (v7.5)

Some Pointers in the Cheat Engine

  • Minimum Resource = 10; (looking at the planet surface)
  • Fleet will fly from System to System with no delay
  • Fleet will travel instantly via Wormhole/Warp/Hyper
  • Morale will not decrease during battle
  • Human Play’s science ships will find anomaly in every surveyed planet with 0 risk
  • Human Play’s fleets will travel pretty quickly
  • Human Play’s characters will level to max pretty quickly

How to Use the Cheat Table

  • Run Cheat Engine 6.7 or greater
  • Run Game
  • Load the game process “stellaris.exe” in CE
  • Load this table and activate the main script
  • Now Activate the script of each cheat you want to use

Hotkey Options

CTRL+Home      = Enable  ALL cheats;

CTRL+End       = Disable ALL cheats;

Stellaris Recifense Table Extension

Extensions are a great way to add features to a base CT. This extension by CompactDisc adds features like:

  • Activate console in ironman (Achievement compatible)
  • Pointers to Empire research and resources
  • Pointers to amount of tile resources on a planet
  • Species creation pointers

To use the extension, first, download the Recifense cheat table using cheat engine then open this extension in the same Cheat Engine instance. If you are asked to merge or keep current list, say ‘yes’

Activate the Recifense table scripts to activate the above functions and then save the final merged table to end up with a single mega table.

You can grab the Stellaris Recifense ct extension here.