How to Start a Bonfire in Dark Souls 3 into Ringed City

Bonfires in dark souls 3 are the safe points or the checkpoints where players can rest, repair equipment, travel to other already discovered bonfire and recover estus. When a player encounters a new bonfire, it must be lit or rested at to serve as the new spawn point if the player should die. More importantly, the bonfire helps the player to start or unlock the Ringed city. There two things required to access the ringed city DLC with the help of bonfire.ashes of ariandel bonefire

Ashes of Ariandel DLC bonfire

The first way into the Ringed City is through DCL a bonfire in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC area. The bonfire only appears when players defeat the Sister Friede and Father Ariandel Lord fight which is one of the most challenging encounters in the whole game.  

Also, the bonfire unlocks when the players talk to the painter in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. However, the Ringed City will seem to be an easier DLC given that players don’t need to defeat Lord of Cinder. So it’s important for players who haven’t made their way through Ashes of Ariandel to take some time to gain a few extra levels before going back on Dark Souls 3 final level.

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Kiln of the First Flame Bonfire

The second way to unlock the Ringed City is relatively easy. At the location of Kiln of the First Flame, a second bonfire appears next to the one that transports players into and out of the location. The bonfire does not unlock after beating the final Lord in dark souls 3, Lord or Soul of Cinder, players don’t have to complete the game to access the Ringed City.  

Bonfire Location

Players, though, have to still get through some tough Lord fights since unlocking the Kiln of the First Flame requires defeating the four main Lords of Cinder.

Bonfires really help the players into getting into the ringed city and here are some reasons why players need to rest at bonfires: resting at a bonfire replenishes the players stock of Estus and spells, bonfires cures the players of poison and toxic statuses note that curses cannot be cured by resting at a bonfire, resting at the bonfire respawns all enemies, excluding lords and minilords. This will come in handy in tough long missions like the Cathedral of the Deep mission. Remember bonfires cannot be started or accessed if the player is engaged in a battle close by.