Stardew Valley Cheat Engine

Stardew Valley Cheat Engine

Keeping the Stardew Valley farm up and running isn’t as easy as it sounds. Heavily inspired by Story of Seasons (previous Harvest Moon,) the game takes you through the tiny steps of managing a farm, mining resources and creating a social life that could even culminate in a marriage.

Such a game will of cause need a lot of resources and patience as you wait for your plants or animals to grow. If you are not patient enough, you can use Cheat Engine to manipulate memory locations and alter day length, livestock, craft goods or expand your money.

If it is your first time using Cheat Engine and cheat tables, you will need to know the basics before you can begin cheating on Stardew Valley. This Cheat Engine introduction will help you download the Cheat Engine and also teach you how to load games, cheat tables and even how to hunt for your own cheats.

Stardew Valley Cheat Engine Cheat Tables

Stardew Valley CE cheat tables give you the freedom to either edit player statistics, pointers or do game hacks. The result would be a god mode, unlimited money, daytime cheats and skill points.

Stardew Valley Cheat Table by Zanzer

You can grab a copy of the cheat engine here if you don’t fancy the long feature description below

The following cheat table lets you edit a wide range of in-game values like:

Player Statistics like

  • Current health or maximum health
  • Current stamina and maximum stamina
  • Speed
  • Money and club coins
  • Glow rate

Improving earned skills like

  • General skill points
  • Bonus in farming, combat, foraging, fishing, luck or mining

You can also use the cheat table’s scripts to jump your game to a specific point in time, be it a clock time, a year or a day. This gives you absolute control over seasons and even lets you freeze time whenever you want to

You can also leverage the upgrade pointer options in this comprehensive Stardew Valley cheat table to change days left for tool upgrade or house upgrade, your crafting time, barn upgrade level, coop or house upgrade level.

Cheat Table Hacks

The hacks bundled into this table include:

  • Unlimited stamina
  • Unlimited items
  • Instant harvest
  • Instant fruit tree growth and unlimited fruit on tree
  • Instant tree chopping

 The cheat table will also ensure that you always find love by giving you hints on someone’s love interest, is married, is datable or has been kissed today values. This is pretty much all you need to make your Stardew Valley game more interesting.