Stardew Valley Best Crops Per Season

Stardew Valley, most obviously, is a game of farming. You have the chance to run your own farm that includes plants and animals, get their harvest/products, process the produce, and make your money! Just like a normal farm, there are crops that do better than others in certain seasons. Stardew Valley features the 4 seasons as well as the greenhouse, where you can control the conditions and monitor growth. Farming is a great alternative to other activities like fishing in Stardew Valley.

Best Crops to grow in Stardew Valley- Fall

Rare Seed (2000)

Rare seed is the best crop to sow in fall as it records a monthly profit of 2000 which translates to a daily profit of 83.33. To buy the produce, you need 1000 but selling it is three times as much, at 3000. The growth rate is at a record 24 and can be purchased at Gypsy Wagon.stardew valley crops

Cranberry (1101)

Cranberry is far lower than Rare Seed in buying and selling terms but has a high monthly profit giving it second place in our ranking. It has a daily profit of 4.02 but month profit of 1101. The yields are high at 2.1 and the buying and selling prices are at 240 and 130 respectively.

Pumpkin (440)

Pumpkin has the second highest growth rate at 13. The monthly profit is at a record 440 from a daily profit of 16.92 and a yield of 1.0. The regression is at 0 so you do not have to worry about your crop’s growth being hampered by anything. You can buy it at 100 from Pierre General and sell it at 320.

Grape (420)

The next best crop to grow is the grape, whose monthly profit is at 420 and a daily of 2.00. The yield is at 1.00 and a growth rate of 10 but a regression of 3, meaning your growth rate might be hampered. The buying price is low at 60 and selling price high at 80.

Best Crops to grow in Stardew Valley- Summer

Summer time is the best time for the following crops

Blueberry (880)

Blueberry has the best monthly profit at 880 and a daily of 12.31 since the yield is 3.0 and the rate of growth 13 and a regression of 4. If you want to purchase blueberry, the vendor Pierre General will sell it for 80, same as the buying price.

Starfruit (800)

You can purchase Starfruit at 400 from Desert and sell it for 800. The daily yield is 30.77 and the monthly yield is as high as 800. The yield is 1.0 and a growth rate of 13.0 with no regression (0).

Hops (365)

Hops are purchasable from Pierre General at 60 and sold at 25. The daily yield is -3.18 and monthly yield is 365. The yield is 1.0 and growth rate of 11 with a regression of 1 which negatively impacts the daily profits.

Melon (340)

Melon has a high selling price at 250 but the buying price at Pierre General is a low of 80. The daily profit is 14.17 and monthly profit is 340. The growth rate is 12 and a yield of 1.0 and no regression (0).

Best Crops to grow in Stardew Valley- Spring

Strawberry (500)

 Strawberry hits the roof of the spring sales charts at a record monthly profit of 500 and a daily profit of 2.50. You can get it from Pierre General at 100 and sell it for 120. The yield is at 1.0 from a growth rate of 8 and regression of 4.

Rhubarb (240)

The Rhubarb is the second most profitable crop in spring with a record monthly profit of 240 and a daily profit of 9.23. You can get it from the Desert for 100 and sell it for a higher 220. The growth rate is 13 and the regression is 0 which means that there is no reversibility to your growths.giant crops in stardew valley

Cauliflower (190)

Cauliflower sells for a record 175 with a purchase price of 80. Its growth rate is 12 and a yield of 1.0. The regression is zero so of course, expect no reduction in yield. You can get it from vendor Pierre General.

Green Bean (180)

The monthly profit for the green bean is 180 and a daily profit of -2.00. Pierre General will sell it to you for 60 and you can sell it for 40. The growth rate is 4 and a regression of 3 which, of course, implies a negative reduction of produce. The yield is 1.0.

Best Crops to grow in Stardew Valley- Greenhouse

The best greenhouse plant is undoubtedly ancient fruit but the seed is very expensive to the ordinary player. That being the case, let us do the math of what the next best fruit is.

Cranberry (1101)

Cranberries have a higher sell value and more profit per day and per plant, but they take more time to regrow and only give 2 fruits instead of 3, the seeds are also a long way more expensive so the initial investment is far higher.

Blueberries (880)

This is the most suitable option for the sort of broke. The initial investment is little and the selling and buying price are also low. They come in threes rather than twos per harvest and harvest every four days rather than five.

Pale Ale

If you need a personal input on this, I would consider investing in Pale Ale any day. The investment is quite tasking- since you must harvest the hops, harvest the kegs, and refill the kegs with hops on a daily basis.


Starfruit’s most lucrative product- wine- will cause you to be rich in just two months. They have a downside in that they take long to grow, but once matured, you will enjoy each and every bit of your produce. So why not fill the entire greenhouse with Starfruit?

Leading an honest life in Stardew Valley is definitely fulfilling. If you don’t want to use Stardew Valley cheats, you have to be ready to select the right seeds, the right crop and even the right time to plant and water if you are to survie in the game.