How to Get Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit

You are not ready to become rich in Stardew Valley until you are ready to invest in the Ancient Fruit. Ancient fruit is the one magic money maker that sells for a substantial amount of money. The fruit arises from the growth of Ancient Seeds which have a maturity period of 28 days. After the 28, the mature tree will yield a fruit every 7 days. The fruit does well from fall, spring, and summer and is inedible.

How to get Ancient fruit Stardew Valley

You will not find the Ancient Seed on sale in the General Store or the JojaMart. You can only purchase the seeds in the Travelling Cart at the price range of 100-1000 g. The seed is the rarest to obtain but on a lucky play, there is a 1.26% chance that you will come across it.stardew valley ancient fruit barrels

Where to sell Ancient fruit Stardew Valley

If you already have the seed, try donating it to the Museum. After the donation, go to Gunther behind the counter and collect your reward for the dotation. Among your reward items is one pack of Ancient Seeds and the recipe required to craft any further Ancient Seed artifacts. You may craft the artifact into viable seeds that bloom into Ancient Fruit whether in summer, fall, spring or in the greenhouse.

Stardew Valley Starfruit vs. Ancient Fruit

If you are chasing fast cash, starfruit is the way to go. For 36000g, you will have 10 times of produce. If you are the lazy type who are less motivated to tend the plants, you had better invest your money in Ancient Fruit as it involves lower initial costs and maintenance for it requires no replanting.

Starfruit is disadvantageous in that it does not synchronize well with the kegs maturity as it takes 13 days to mature itself. With Ancient Fruit, there is a better synchrony between your kegs and your fruit growth time which is 7 days after maturity of the plant.

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The 225g more of Starfruit wine you get compared to ancient fruit wine is not worth the maintenance (initial costs and replanting). Besides, the fruit’s worth of 400g translates in a net loss.

Ancient fruit jelly

Jelly pays well for the price of produce list. However, further math proves that jelly is not more profitable than wine as we will see below.

  • Net of jelly = 1,150
  • Net of wine = 1,650

But there is another variable here: the crops maturity time.

  • Ancient fruit maturity time = 7 days
  • Jelly production time = 2 days
  • Wine production time = 7days

Due to jelly’s shorter maturity time, you will make a jar of jelly in the same time that you make the bottle of wine since the jelly has to wait the same time as the wine for the crop to mature.