Star Wars Battlefront 2 Cheats for PC

Published on November 21, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an interesting title full of wit, sneaking and the taste of both sides of the never-ending conflict that we cannot overlook. You start the game hunting the rebels before ending up as part of them once you realize that your superiors are about to kill your home planet and that their motives are rash.

While the first run with no cheats whatsoever is a great way to experience the storyline and push yourself to the limit, you’ll definitely need some cheats and hacks to make the game more interesting as time goes by.

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PC Cheats for Star Wars Battlefront 2

The good thing about playing any game on PC is that you will have the best control over the game. You can easily modify and manipulate game files to achieve the desired results.

Even though the Star Wars Battlefront 2 cheats for PC are yet to start trickling in, you should rest assured that the PC version of the 2017 version of this game will give you so many options and make your investment worthwhile.

Keep checking this page. We will be looking for new PC cheats and updating the post. We won’t waste your time with achievements or trophies lists. Just cheats you can use to make your character invincible, more powerful or even look better.

Single Player Codes: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Cheats PC

To activate the cheats:

  • Click on your profile
  • Click on “Actions Tab”
  • Check the area at the bottom left section of your display, take note of the Battlefront 2 logo
  • Hover your mouse above the Battlefront 2 logo in the background before you input the cheat codes:

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Cheats PC

CheatActivationWhat the cheat does?
Campaign selectionType 456123 Access all campaign maps
Invincibility Simply type mostimpressive Become fully immune to any attacks
Ammo regenerationagoodblasteratyoursideGives you infinite ammunition
Absence of HUDusetheforcelukeRemoves HUD from the game

In need of more powerful weapons? No worries

The following Star Wars Battlefront 2 pc cheats are used to unlock more robust weaponry.

Reach the legendary status in marksmanUnlock Particle Beam Rifle 
Reach the legendary Status in RegulatorUnlock Flechette Shotgun
Reach the legendary Status in TechnicianUnlock Vehicle Regen
Reach the legendary Status in GunslingerUnlock Precision Blaster
Reach the legendary Status in FrenzyUnlock Elite Assault Rifle
Reach the legendary Status in DemolitionUnlock Guidable Rockets

Battlefront II Medals: How About Some Accolades

If you want to unlock medals, you have to accomplish the requirements using only 1 life.

Earn 12 pointsEndurance Medal
Earn 24 pointsGuardian Medal
Earn 8 points with a shotgunRegulator Medal
Kill 6 with headshot using Sniper RifleMarksman Medal
Earn 36 pointsWar Hero Medal
Encounter 4 strikes on vehicles with rocket launcher.Demolition Medal 
Kill 6 using a pistolGunslinger Medal
Slice into 1 VehicleTechnician Medal
Kill 12 with a Blaster RifleFrenzy Medal

PS: Elite status in a section makes it easier to win a medal.

Ranking of the Medals

The number of medals mentioned above are ranked as follows:

No price paid/ Default RankGreen
Get four medals in the same categoryVeteran
Get 32 medals in the categoryElite
Get 64 medals in the categoryLegendary

Your Rank and How Many Units You Can Marshal

A beginner is ranked as a ‘Private’ who can only command one AI unit. AI units increase the higher you go up the rank.


As you can see, the higher you climb in the rank staircase, the higher your commanding power.

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