Spotlight Room Escape: The Lost One Full Walkthrough

Spotlight: Room Escape from Javelin Mobile is a puzzling puzzle that pushes your brain to think to the fullest, making you dig deep into logic to solve all the challenges riddling the game. The Spotlight: Room Escape Chapter 2 walkthrough is a great motivation to guys who are having trouble making their way past the level or haven’t really grasped the game’s concept.

The idea is to combine a variety of items, use clues to solve problems and ultimately succeed in the utter quest of finding your identity, kidnapper and the reason for the kidnapping. This is similar to the horror detective piece, The Jusou only that Jusou adds urgency to the problem solving by giving the game an eery horror flick.

While there is fun in venturing into the unknown, you will sometimes have the upper hand when breaking those tough levels by looking at a walkthrough. The good thing is unlike most MMO games, Spotlight Room Escape challenges will always remain the same as there’s no server or multiplayer interactions to affect the outcome.

As with most quest games, the going gets tougher with each new chapter. The developer recommends playing the game with audio on to ensure you don’t miss any cues. The detailed walkthrough video above will not only give you an idea of how to handle the game but also teach you how to explore your way through other chapters.

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