Spore Hacks – No More Need for Cheat Codes

Spore hacks are great revolution when it comes to this game. Basically, hacks are programs that scan through a game’s memory thereby giving you the power to control and change certain features of the game to your liking. Forget about cheats, hacks are more complex and fun. In the case of Spore hacks you will be able to give yourself more money in the game and better yet customize/build certain parts of a creature you like.

Before we enjoy this let’s first learn how this works:

Spore Hacking Guide

Step 1: Download a “Cheat Engine” if you do not have it already installed in your device. Once you’ve downloaded the Cheat Engine install it.

Step 2: At this stage open the Cheat Engine then Spore. Once the Spore is opened, click on the button with a computer icon on it. Once you done, a new window will pop up, choose the process to cheat with. You can either choose “SporeApp.exe” and click OK or just double click on the setup.

Step 3: Look at how much money/simoleans you have. Type in that amount into the value text box of your search engine then click first scan and wait until it’s complete.

spore hacks

Step 4: Depending on how many times that value is in the game you should be able to see a large list of addresses. Go to the game and either buy or sell something to have the value of your simoleans change. Type in the new value you get after a sell or purchase in the “value” text box and click next scan. Repeat this process until you only have two addresses in your list.

Step 5: Select the two remaining addresses ad click on the little arrow button on the bottom right of the list.

Step 6: Double click one of the addresses values. A pop-up window will display a text box. Edit the value you have to the number of simoleans you want to have in the game and click Ok. If this was successful and the money amount in your game changed, then that’s the address to be changing each time, if not change the other address.

The above are the steps you should follow when hacking into your Spore game. Though complicated, once you are able to follow through, virtually there is nothing you can’t achieve in this game.