Splashy Fish Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Splashy fish is here with us. Since most of us have played the Flappy Bird game, the idea of Splashy Fish game will be no new. Splashy Fish is pretty much like its predecessor, however, with more refined graphics and better focus. The game is definitely interesting. Just to make things better, I will highlight some of the important tricks that should help you increase your game scores and give you a mastery of the seas.

Important Splashy fish tips and tricks

Keep your eyes focused on the low columns

This is the number one trick you should always have at the back of your head. When approaching those bottom obstacles, ensure you are alert and on time to tap at the exact moment in order to avoid hitting them.

Two or three taps always do the trick

Quick and short taps are what makes the games here. You won’t have to tap more than twice, only on a few exceptions where the columns are very low. Therefore in order to get good scores, it is important that you master your tapping rhythm and tune it to two taps maximum.

splashy fish tips and tricks


You won’t be good at this game just after the first try. The challenging nature of this game dictates that you practice and play regularly for you to be good. So even with the many deaths and low scores, hang on don’t lose you cool yet!

Avoid looking at the high score during the game

Splashy fish demands a hundred percent of your attention therefore whatever distracts you is as good as gone. When playing the game avoid looking at the high scores as this will make you bump into obstacles hence destroying your chance of reaching the high score.

Splashy fish game can be quite interesting once you follow the above tips and tricks. There are more to these but these should secure you a spot high on the score board.