Sony’s PlayStation Plus Open Multiplayer Event Scheduled for November 15th

If you own a Sony PS4 but have never paid the PlayStation Plus subscription, you can now play online between Wednesday 15th and Monday 20th this November. Sony is making online multiplayer campaigns 100 percent free to all players in the UK and Europe.

Sony has dubbed the initiative the PlayStation Plus Open Multiplayer Even and it is active on all PS4 and PS$ Pro consoles. You can now play the latest titles like Call of Duty; WWII and Gran Turismo or other multiplayer games at no extra costs.

Even though Sony if opening the door to everyone, you’ll still need the PS Plus subscription to enjoy the free monthly games they always have on offer.

PlayStation Plus subscription costs around  $59.99 per year with options to pay for the subscription monthly or every three months.

If you don’t have a PS4 at your disposal, you should start thinking of getting one now that stores are dropping the prices in preparation for the Black Friday sales.

Black Friday will be 4 days after this offer closes but I am sure that Sony still has something up its sleeve to reward people with this holiday season.

Sony and Microsoft, the leading game console manufacturers will definitely have tantalizing offers on show in the never-ending quest for console supremacy. It is such a pity PC gamers rarely to see such offers targeted to them at all.

The PS Plus membership also gives you access to two free PS4 games per month and some additional games for your PS Vita and the PlayStation 3.