Skyrim Marked for Death – What is It? How to Get it?

There’s more to Skyrim that swinging your sword around and solving complex riddles or problems. One of the most persistent and interest Skyrim theme is the ever-present magic. With this in mind, we can start understanding the Skyrim: Marked for Death shout.

The Marked for Death shout is a dragon spell like a weapon. Shouting the curse affects the enemy’s health and armor hence making them more susceptible to physical damage. You get three versions of the Skyrim Marked for Death shout and each holds for 60 seconds.

Even though magic resistance can damp the effects of the shout, your enemy will at least lose one health point per second when you hit them with the Skyrim Marked for Death.

Using the Skyrim: Marked for Death Shout to Your Advantage

To use the Skyrim Marked for Death spell, you will first have to discover it. Its locations are the Autumn Watch Tower, the Forsaken Cave and the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Once you have the shout, you can use it repeatedly against an enemy. Each hit stacks up the armor damage and could even go negative meaning that you can know down the enemy or dragons with just one punch if you have hit them with enough Marked for Death spells.

The effects are as follows:

  • 1 word (Krii): -25 armor and -1hp per second for 60 seconds (total -1500)
  • 2 word (Lun): -50 armor and -2 hp per second for 60 seconds (total after 60 seconds -3000)
  • 3 word (Aus): -75 armor and -3hp per second for first 60 seconds (-4500 total after 60s)

If you want to around with this shout, you can leverage bugs related to different versions of the game as long as you don’t have a given patch installed.

If you don’t have the version 1.1 Unofficial Skyrim Patch, the shout reduces armor permanently making followers vulnerable for the rest of the game. You can restore this by selecting a follower and entering console commands

  • getav damageresist
  • restoreactorvalue damageresist <number>

You can use this to give your followers an advantage or use it against enemies to make them permanently weak.