Shadowgun Legend: How To Level Up FAST

Shadowgun Legends is definitely among one of the most interesting FPS mobile games in the stores right now. As a persistent world RPG shooter with a solid story mode and mind-blowing PvP or Co-Op, you will need all the help you can get to be the very best at the game. This guide will make you better at Shadowgun Legends by helping you to level up very fast and hit the maximum level 20 sooner.

You need to level up fast in Shadowgun and reach level 20 in order to unlock all the different elements of the game. So if your primary goal is to reach up to level 20, then we will guide you on how to do it

Equipping Skills

The first thing you need to do when you want to level up fast is to make sure that you select really friendly skills for the leveling process. There are two skills that are very highly recommended for you to select.

Sentry gun turret

Sentry gun turret in the combat tree is extremely helpful in the mission as you will get to see. It helps you go through the missions very fast.

The turret is self-automated and it constantly attacks your enemies. The turret helps big time when there is a huge pack of enemies overcoming you. What you need to do is to drop the turret on the enemies so that they can focus on the turret and while they are focused on taking the turret down you can easily take them all out.

The turret lowers your risk profile by clearing out incoming enemies in a retaliated room and it has a duration of 30 seconds.

Survival kit

Survival kit helps you pass through level easily. It heals you and also restocks your ammo. You, therefore, need not worry about your ammo or health when clearing missions.

When there are a lot of enemies on a mission what you need to do is to drop the survival kit and stay inside it. What the kit does is, it heals you and refills your ammo so that you’re never in a sort of ammo crunch.

Survival kit and turret basically help you to save ammo hence reducing your chances of dying.


An important thing to know as a new player if you are looking to level up fast is that nitro does not really help you power level. The war games in nitro are focused on giving you fame as a reward for doing the wargames.

Nitro is mainly for fame, fun, endgame and getting gear

Completing missions

You need to select and complete missions with highest experience points to achieve higher level and unlock gear. To select missions to go to the planets and choose a mission with high experience points.

shadow gun legends tips

When doing your missions, your primary objective is to do the side missions and campaign missions. You should not go for the operation missions if you have any available side and campaign missions because operations will always be there.

Side missions give you unique gear, more experience points (XP) and fame.

Side missions can give you 4000xp and 2000 fame while operations missions at the same level and the same planet can only give you a quarter of that which is not the best investment when thinking of leveling up fast.

Campaign missions give the most experience points and fame making the top of the hierarchy of the missions.

Doing PvP battles is fun but you should first focus on these missions so that you can level up and unlock gears and weapons and get higher chances of winning PvP battles

Campaign missions

Campaign missions take more time because they are unique and you have not yet done them before. They are more efficient as they get you the best gear and huge experience points that often kick you halfway through a level or finish off a level once.

To succeed these missions you need to take time and read the text up on the top left of the screen.

Side missions

Side missions operate almost similar top campaign missions and they also offer good rewards.  They take forty percent less time than campaign missions

Operation missions

You can keep on repeating completed missions over and over again. Here you collect up all the mission objectives in your hub, basically, you knock out all the available operations at once and turn all of them into the hub at once.

These missions take about 25 percent less time than campaign missions

Equipping the best weapons

When going on a mission you can choose 3 different weapons i.e. the main rifle, a secondary weapon, and a pistol.

Support Ammo (Secondary weapons)

In campaign and side missions you need to save your support ammo and wait until the final challenging enemy of the level. Support ammo generally helps eliminate the boss or lieutenant easy and in a short amount of time.

  • You can buy or collect a different kind of weapons from the store and where they all have a variety of stats.
  • The rifle is significant because you will be using it the most and therefore you should choose a weapon with a solid distance and damage. The faster the firing rate, the easier to take down opponents
  • Secondary weapons are a bit complicated. There are a variety of weapons you can choose from that is from a rocket launcher to a sniper rifle
  • When you want to switch the weapon you are using during battle, just simply tap the weapons icon on the top right corner of the screen and you will automatically browse through them and equip the one you prefer

how to level up fast shadow gun legends


Headshots are majorly important as they assist you to eliminate your enemies faster and give you more ranking points at the end of the mission. This is easier to be done in campaign and side missions

Unlocking PvP and various features

Shadowgun Legends does not give you all the features as soon as you start playing. You need to keep playing and leveling up to get the features. When you keep playing campaign and side missions, you will keep leveling up and eventually unlocking PvP and other extra areas in the game as well

Those are the few tips need to know when you want to level up fast in Shadowgun Legends. Just keep doing the mission and following the rest of the guide and you will reach level 20 in no time.