Scavenging Stations in Fallout 4 – Are They Worth It?

Scavenging is among the many jobs you can assign to your settlers in Fallout 4. Very few people understand how scavenger and settler crafting material deposits work. The concept behind this is to have a scavenger deposit random items gathered from the wastelands into your inventory. You can use these items to craft something usable.

You don’t have any control over what the scavenger brings back but if you are lucky, you can land cool parts that will go into your weapons or your settlement.

How to Create a Scavenger Station

To create a scavenger station, head over to Resources > Miscellaneous. You will have to assign a Settler to the new station before it becomes operational. Select a settler with the confirm button and click on the station to allocate.

How Does the Scavenging Station Work?

A scavenging station will make your settlers more efficient. A settler will occasionally get you junk but a Scavenger will be more dedicated and will produce more junk. This coupled with the fact that assigned settlers are happier than unassigned ones gives you a reason to create more scavenger stations.

vanilla scavenger scavenging stations fallout 4

Since everything you get is random, the key to success is widening your funnel and gathering as much as possible. This is why more scavenging stations are good news.

You can afford to pull some of your settlers from producing food (just produce a little bit more than you need) and use automated defenses, for instance, turrets to keep your settlement safer. Use the building material scavengers bring in to construct a better settlement hence reduce the number of guards you need to hold the fort.

Scavenging stations are a great way to ensure that every settler is doing something and no one is dragging the mood down even if you aren’t using a Fallout 4 mod manager to cheat your way through the game.

Keep Your Settlements Connected for Better Material Access

Establishing supply lines between your settlements will increase the productivity of your scavengers. This will boost your chances of getting more rare junk. You will also have the freedom craft things from one settlement without having to make a trip to another settlement to collect a piece.  

Are Scavenging Stations Work it?

The Fallout world and the wastelands are all about scavenging. While some of your settlers might be farmers, guards and anything else you please, they can never be factory workers creating spare parts or components for your new inventions. That is why you need scavengers to comb the wastelands and come up with the parts you need for your fabrications. These parts will be added to your workshop inventory.

Why Assign a Settlers to Your Scavenging Station

Unemployed settlers just add one random junk item to your inventory in a day. While this might be enough while starting out, you will need to assign a settler to each scavenging station to ramp up production. An assigned settler will deposit two random junk items in a day.

fallout 4 busy settlers

Wondering how to assign a settler to your scavenging station? Well, in Workshop Mode, select the settler you want to assign, select a workshop and click on assign. Confirm your assignment by checking if the settler icon is no longer red. Also, you should see a crow icon on the settler when you highlight him or her. The station that scavenger works for will also be highlighted if both are in line of sight.

The Scavenging Station Limit

Yes. There’s a limit to your scavenging station capacities. The total number of items in your workshop cannot exceed 100 + (population x 5). The first trick to improve your scavenging capabilities is by expanding your population and influence.

The next way would be by setting up two settlements as junk storage centers. Collect junk from your maxed out settlements and deposit it at your storage settlements. Just ensure that the settlements are centrally placed for convenient access.

Cool Mods to Beat the Scavenging Station Limit

If you are tired of having to micromanage your scavenging and general production (which is the whole point of the game anyway) you can use a couple of modes to go around the limits.

The Uncapped Settlements Surplus:

This mod will lift the settlement capacity problem letting you gather as much junk as you want on your settlement.

Northland Diggers

This makes special scrapping job stations each of which will have a specific theme. Whenever you interact with the station you can yield an almost specific range of items albeit at a slower rate. This will ensure that you always have high quality junk in your stations.

Surviving Fallout 4 on your own is almost impossible. You will need to delegate duties and focus on micromanaging and growing your reputation in the game. With scavengers, you will have all the junk you want to upgrade your guns, melee weapons and power armor and also have time to enjoy all the cool mods in your game.