Savage Lands Console Commands

Savage Lands, like most multiplayer titles, doesn’t condone cheats or console commands. This is understandable since cheating on a game you are playing against human characters is very frustrating to those on the receiving end. With this in mind, you can understand why you cannot use Savage Lands console commands on the main servers.

You can, however, use console commands on your own personal server if you are running a private game with selected friends. In this guide, I am going to show you how to install and lock onto a local server, edit it to accept console commands and the console commands you can use on your private game server.

Creating Your Server & Preparing it for Console Commands

If you are on Windows, you will have to run the dedicated_server.bat file or run the file if you are running the game on Linux.

Once you have your local server up and running, you can modify it by editing the original autoexec.cfg file or even creating a secondary file in %SAVAGE%/game/autoexec.cfg file

A more convenient way to managing your server is by using a .txt file to send parameters to the server. In this case, you will need to create the txt file in the following folder:


After creating the txt, you need to notify your server that it has to execute the file’s command whenever it boots. Open the autoexec.cfg file and add this line at the bottom of the file to take care of this:

exec server.txt

Pro Tip: The txt file should be saved in the same location as the autoexec.cfg file else you will get a file not found error.

To activate console commands, paste the following code into the server.txt file you just created

// begin server.txt
// basic server control
svr_name “My Savage Server”
default_world eden2
svr_port 11235
svr_sendStats 1
svr_broadcast 1
svr_maxclients 24
// pregame control
sv_allowGuestReferee 1
sv_doWarmup 1
sv_warmupTime 15000
sv_readyPercent 0.50
sv_minPlayers 2
// game time commands
sv_autoRespawn 1
sv_balancedTeams 1
sv_clientVoteTime 15
// server passwords
svr_password myJoinPassword //Comment this line out to have no password on your server
sv_refereePassword refpass
svr_adminPassword remoteAdminPass
// other
heartbeatserver_ip //heartbeat server fix
// end server.txt

That is all you need to set up your own custom server that will support console commands

Savage Lands Console Commands List

Server (sv) variables
command explaination parameters usage/default
sv_activeEasterEggs Does not seem to do anything integer sv_activeEasterEggs 0
sv_aiIgnoreSlope   integer sv_aiIgnoreSlope 1
sv_aiPredict   integer sv_aiPredict 0
sv_allowGuestReferee Have server auto assign ref / allow referee votes on server boolean sv_allowGuestReferee 1
g_allUnitsAvailable All units are available for purchase integer g_allUnitsAvailable 0
g_allWeaponsAvailable All weapons are available for purchase integer g_allWeaponsAvailable 0
sv_autojoin Auto join a team when joining a game instead of staying in spectator integer sv_autojoin 1
sv_autoPatchMyServer When turned on: If a new patch is released by the dev team, your server will be notified.
If your server is empty, it will immediately quit and auto-download and install the patch, otherwise your server will wait for map end before quitting and getting the patch.
boolean sv_autoPatchMyServer 1
sv_autoRespawn Defines whether players must click a button to get the loadout screen boolean sv_autoRespawn 0
sv_balancedTeams Allow players to join the team with more players if set to 0 boolean sv_balancedTeams 1
sv_balanceLenience How many more players on the other team there can be before you you cannot switch. If sv_balanceTeams is set to 1 integer sv_balanceLenience 2
sv_blockedStunTime Not used anymore?? integer sv_blockedStunTime 650
sv_buildingDmgScale How much damage weapons do to buildings? integer sv_buildingDmgScale 1
sv_buildingInitialHealthPercent What percent of health building start with when built integer sv_buildingInitialHealthPercent 0.05
sv_chatFloodCount Something to do with anti-flood/spam integer sv_chatFloodCount 10
sv_chatFloodInterval Something to do with anti-flood/spam integer sv_chatFloodInterval 5
sv_chatFloodPenaltyTime How long you are penalized for flooding integer sv_chatFloodPenaltyTime 10
sv_claimableBuildings Active spawnflags? integer sv_claimableBuildings 1
sv_clientConnectMoney Amount of gold assigned to players on initial connect integer sv_clientConnectMoney 1000
sv_clientVoteTime time in seconds for votes to last integer sv_clientVoteTime 60000
sv_cullPlayerObjects   integer sv_cullPlayerObjects 1
sv_damagePushScale How far you get knockbacked when you get hit integer sv_damagePushScale 0.35
sv_datetime   integer sv_datetime “”
sv_debug   integer sv_debug 0
sv_debugBuilding   integer sv_debugBuilding 1
sv_demolishInterval Amount of time in ms a commander must wait before destroying buildings in succession integer sv_demolishInterval 10000
sv_doSetup Defines whether the server should have a setup mode. If sv_setupTime is set to 0, this variable is assumed 0. boolean sv_doSetup 1
sv_doWarmup Defines whether the server should have a warmup mode. boolean sv_doWarmup 1
sv_easterEggs Does not seem to do anything… integer sv_easterEggs 0
sv_endGameTime Amount of time in ms for the end game screen to be shown before the server changesmaps. integer sv_endGameTime 60000
sv_fastTech Building and teching is instant. Map must be loaded with devworld WORLD to use integer sv_fastTech 0
sv_fogRevealTime   integer sv_fogRevealTime 5000
sv_fraglimit Not working yet integer sv_fraglimit 20
sv_gametype Not working yet integer sv_gametype “RTSS”
sv_goodieAmmoChance Chance to get ammo/mana when you kill something integer sv_goodieAmmoChance 4
sv_goodieBags Goodies bags pop out of things when they die integer sv_goodieBags 1
sv_goodieBigMoneyChance The chance of about 20 goodie bags popping out of the enemy (one out of XX) integer sv_goodieBigMoneyChance 30
sv_goodieDuration Time in ms that goodie bags stay on ground before disappearing integer sv_goodieDuration 10000
sv_goodieMaxMoney Maximum amount of money goodiebags can give you integer sv_goodieMaxMoney 1000
sv_goodiesForAll Defines who can pickup goodie bags
0 – only the killer can pick up reward
1 – any team member can pick up the reward
2 – *anyone* can pick up the reward
integer sv_goodiesForAll 1
sv_hitStructureRewardScale   integer sv_hitStructureRewardScale 2
sv_hitStunTime   integer sv_hitStunTime 150
sv_impeachPenaltyTime How long a someone will be banned from commander seat after being impeached integer sv_impeachPenaltyTime 60000
sv_invincibleTime How long you will be invincible after you spawn integer sv_invincibleTime 2000
sv_maxMoney Maxium amount of gold a player can have at one time integer sv_maxMoney 10000
sv_maxzvelocity   integer sv_maxzvelocity 100
sv_minClaimInterval Time before you wait before you can claim a spawn flag after an enemy claims it integer sv_minClaimInterval 5000
sv_minPlayers Minimum number players before setup countdown will start integer sv_minPlayers 2
sv_minVotePercent Minimum amount of votes that must be achieved before a vote will pass real to 2 digits sv_minVotePercent .66
sv_motd1 Message of the day, apperars in chat window after joining string sv_motd1
sv_motd2 Same as sv_motd1, line 2 of it string sv_motd2
sv_motd3 Same as sv_motd1, line 3 of it string sv_motd3
sv_motd4 Same as sv_motd1, line 4 of it string sv_motd4
sv_musicResetTime   integer sv_musicResetTime 120000
sv_newPatchAvailable   integer sv_newPatchAvailable 0
sv_nextMap auto generated variable for the nextmap command integer sv_nextMap “bunker”
sv_nextMapCmd auto generated variable for the nextmap command string sv_nextMapCmd “set sv_nextMap crossroads; setsv_nextMapCmd #round3#”
sv_nextStatus   integer sv_nextStatus 1
sv_npcs Define whether the server has NPCs boolean sv_npcs 1
sv_officerCommandRadius Distance in meters that from an officer for a player to receive officer commands. integer sv_officerCommandRadius 600
sv_placeBuildingTestScale The area the commander needs to place a building integer sv_placeBuildingTestScale 0.5
sv_placementLeniency The area the commander needs to place a building integer sv_placementLeniency 20
sv_playerChosenMap   integer sv_playerChosenMap “eden”
sv_projRestSlope   integer sv_projRestSlope 0.55
sv_projRestVelocity   integer sv_projRestVelocity 35.0
sv_quakeMultiplyer   integer sv_quakeMultiplyer 3.5
sv_radiusTweak   integer sv_radiusTweak 5.0
sv_rangedHitStructureRewardScale Xp and gold percent you get for attacking a building with ranged?? integer sv_rangedHitStructureRewardScale 0.2
sv_readyPercent percent of players that need to be ready before warmup round starts real to 2 digits sv_readyPercent 0.60
sv_refereePassword password entered in player console refpwd refpass integer sv_refereePassword “”
sv_repairCost Cost of resources it takes for a worker to repair a building (per swing) integer sv_repairCost 1
sv_respawnMultiplier   integer sv_respawnMultiplier 1
sv_respawnNPCInterval   integer sv_respawnNPCInterval 40000
sv_respawnNPCs Defines whether npcs spawn integer sv_respawnNPCs 1
sv_respawnTime Time in ms for the respawn timer. integer sv_respawnTime 30000
sv_serverNotes This text will show up in the game info window integer sv_serverNotes “”
sv_setupTime Time in ms for the setup mode to last integer sv_setupTime 120000
sv_showClanAbbrev Show clan tag left of icon in the player list? integer sv_showClanAbbrev 1
sv_skillfullKillDist Distance in meters from a kill for the “skillful” audible sound to play on the client integer sv_skillfullKillDist 500
sv_startingTeamGold Amount of starting gold each team has integer sv_startingTeamGold 1500
sv_startingTeamStone Amount of starting stone each team has integer sv_startingTeamStone 1500
sv_team1race Race for team 1 string (beast|human) sv_team1race “human”
sv_team2race Race for team 2 string (beast|human) sv_team2race “human”
sv_teamDamage Defines whether teammates can damage each other and their team’s workers boolean sv_teamDamage 0
sv_teamSwitchCommandDelay   integer sv_teamSwitchCommandDelay 60000
sv_teamSwitchConnectFreedom How long you can switch teams after you join without having to wait integer sv_teamSwitchConnectFreedom 30000
sv_teamSwitchDelay Time you must wait after you switch to one team then want to switch back? integer sv_teamSwitchDelay 60000??
sv_timeLimit Time in ms to define how long a game will alst integer sv_timeLimit 3600000
sv_tithe Percentage of gold that does not go to the team funds integer sv_tithe 0.7
sv_todSpeed Variable which defines how fast Time of Day passes real to 3 digits sv_todSpeed 0.003
sv_todStart Defines the Time of Day at map start integer sv_todStart 500
sv_unitAngleLerp   integer sv_unitAngleLerp 4
sv_useRespawnWindow   integer sv_useRespawnWindow 1
sv_warmupTime Time in ms for warmup integer sv_warmupTime 15000
sv_writeScores Write the end game scores to a text file boolean sv_writeScores 0
Server Experience (sv_xp) Variables
command explaination parameters usage/default
sv_xp_adjust_by_level   real to 1 digit sv_xp_adjust_by_level 0.0
sv_xp_allow_level_loss Allows you to lose levels from losing xp? (goes to the bottom of the xp bar then stops)? boolean sv_xp_allow_level_loss 0
sv_xp_build How much xp you get for building real to 5 digits sv_xp_build .00150
sv_xp_cap_at_level   integer sv_xp_cap_at_level 0
sv_xp_commander_demolish How much xp you loose for demolishing a building integer sv_xp_commander_demolish -20
sv_xp_commander_gather How much xp you get for gathering resources real to 3 digits sv_xp_commander_gather .001
sv_xp_commander_order_followed How much xp you get for someone folowing an order integer sv_xp_commander_order_followed 1
sv_xp_commander_order_given How much xp you get for giving an order integer sv_xp_commander_order_given 1
sv_xp_commander_order_interval Time in ms before commander can gain additional experience from giving orders integer sv_xp_commander_order_interval 5000
sv_xp_commander_powerup_given How much xp you get for giving a powerup integer sv_xp_commander_powerup_given 5
sv_xp_commander_raze How much xp you get for contructing a building integer sv_xp_commander_raze 50
sv_xp_commander_request_ignore How much xp you loose for ignoring a money request integer sv_xp_commander_request_ignore -1
sv_xp_commander_research How much xp you get for researching tech integer sv_xp_commander_research 10
sv_xp_commander_structure How much xp you get for contructing a building integer sv_xp_commander_structure 20
sv_xp_die How much xp you get/loose for dieing integer sv_xp_die 0
sv_xp_hero How much xp you get for receiving the hero award integer sv_xp_hero 15
sv_xp_honor How much xp you get for receiving the honor award integer sv_xp_honor 5
sv_xp_kill_item How much xp you get for killing a deployed item integer sv_xp_kill_item 0
sv_xp_kill_npc How much xp you get for killing an npc (multiplyer) integer sv_xp_kill_npc 2
sv_xp_kill_player How much xp you get for killing a player integer sv_xp_kill_player 10
sv_xp_kill_siege How much xp you get for killing a siege unit integer sv_xp_kill_siege 20
sv_xp_kill_worker How much xp you get for killing a worker integer sv_xp_kill_worker 2
sv_xp_legend How much xp you get for receiving the legend award integer sv_xp_legend 25
sv_xp_max_gain How much xp you can gain at a time? real to 1 digit sv_xp_max_gain .2
sv_xp_max_level Max level you can get to integer sv_xp_max_level 99
sv_xp_mine How much xp you get for bringing resources to a dropoff point real to 2 digits sv_xp_mine .02
sv_xp_raze   integer sv_xp_raze 50
sv_xp_repair How much xp you get for repairing integer sv_xp_repair 0
sv_xp_skill How much xp you get for getting a skillfull kill integer sv_xp_skill 10
sv_xp_structure_damage How much xp you get per 1 damage to a building real to 5 digits sv_xp_structure_damage .00667
sv_xp_survival How much xp you get for surviving (triggerd by sv_xp_survival_interval) integer sv_xp_survival 1
sv_xp_survival_interval Timer in ms for sv_xp_survival triggers integer sv_xp_survival_interval 30000
sv_xp_team_kill How much xp you get/loose for killing a team member integer sv_xp_team_kill 0
Server (svr) variables
command explaination parameters usage/default
svr_adminPassword password for using svcmd string svr_adminPassword “”
svr_allowCheats Read only (turns to 1 when using devworld WORLD) boolean Read Only
svr_allowRemotesvcmds Allows server to be able to be remotely controled by a administration program boolean svr_allowRemotesvcmds 0
svr_broadcast should server send heartbeat to master server (show up on server list) integer svr_broadcast 1
svr_clientConnectionTimeout Amount of time in ms before disconnecting a non-responsive client integer svr_clientConnectionTimeout 1350
svr_clientTimeout Amount of time in ms before disconnecting a client integer svr_clientTimeout 400
svr_debug   boolean svr_debug 0
svr_dedicated Defines this to be a non-grapical server. boolean svr_dedicated 0
svr_defaultBanTime Time in ms for a ban to stay in place integer svr_defaultBanTime 300000
svr_demo Defines whether server is demo version or not boolean Read Only
svr_dump   boolean svr_dump 0
svr_firewalled   bolean svr_firewalled 1
svr_gamefps   integer svr_gamefps 15
svr_mapurl Tells clients where to download maps from string svr_mapurl “”
svr_maxclients Max number of players that can join integer svr_maxclients 32
svr_name Server name shown in the server list string svr_name “Unnamed Savage Server”
svr_password password required to join server, entered by player as: cl_password myJoinPassword string svr_password “”
svr_port game server port, default is 11235, change if firewall is preventing connection integer svr_port 11235
svr_pure If 1, makes players not be able to use altered .s2z files boolean svr_pure 0
svr_requiredArchives Not working yet. (will let clients download mods) integer svr_requiredArchives “”
svr_sendProjectilePos   boolean svr_sendProjectilePos 0
svr_sendStats should server report stats to the stats collector. Note: if svr_broadcast is disabled, this will be disabled as well. boolean svr_sendStats 1
svr_velocityCompare   boolean svr_velocityCompare 1
svr_world   string svr_world “”


Physics Server Variables
Physics (p) variables
command explaination parameters usage/default
p_aircontrol Determines how much control players have while airborne real to 1 digit p_aircontrol 1.5
p_attackingSpeed Speed you move while attacking real to 1 digit p_attackingSpeed 0.8
p_autoRunSpeed – doesn’t seem to do anything – real to 1 digit p_autoRunSpeed 1.8
p_autoRunTime – doesn’t seem to do anything – integer p_autoRunTime 4000
p_backwardsSpeed Speed you move while backing up real to 1 digit p_backwardsSpeed 0.5
p_blockSpeed Speed you move while blocking integer p_blockSpeed 0
p_cooldownRate – doesn’t seem to do anything – real to 2 digits p_cooldownRate 0.75
p_dodgeStaminaCost How much stamina it costs to leap integer p_dodgeStaminaCost 1600
p_fallingDamage Not working boolean p_fallingDamage 1
p_fallingDamageSpeed Not working integer p_fallingDamageSpeed 50
p_focusAngleAmplify Affects sniper weapons integer p_focusAngleAmplify 2
p_focusMaxAngleChange Affects sniper weapons integer p_focusMaxAngleChange 3
p_focusMinAngleChange Affects sniper weapons real to 1 digit p_focusMinAngleChange 0.6
p_friction – doesn’t seem to do anything – integer p_friction 1
p_gravity Amount of gravity on the server integer p_gravity 1
p_groundfriction How much the player slides on the ground integer p_groundfriction 10
p_jumpheight How high a player can jump (multiplyer) integer p_jumpheight 1
p_jumpStaminaCost How much stamina it costs to jump integer p_jumpStaminaCost 500
p_landDuration How long after you land that it will show the landing animation integer p_landDuration 100
p_levelHealthBonus – doesn’t seem to do anything – real to 1 digit p_levelHealthBonus 0.0
p_lunge – doesn’t seem to do anything – integer p_lunge 0
p_maxBlockTime Maximum time you can block for integer p_maxBlockTime 600
p_minslope How steep of a slope you real to 1 digit p_minslope 0.7
p_slowWeaponAttack – doesn’t seem to do anything – integer p_slowWeaponAttack 0
p_speed how fast players move real to 1 digit p_speed 2.8
p_sprintBurst changes how you sprint.. integer p_sprintBurst 0
p_sprintDeadZone The amount of stamina in the dead zone (regains slowly) integer p_sprintDeadZone 1000
p_sprintRegainDelay Time in ms before you start regaining stamina after its used integer p_sprintRegainDelay 200
p_sprintRegainLandDelay Time in ms before you start regaining stamina after you land integer p_sprintRegainLandDelay 200
p_sprintRegenFast How much stamina you get for when its regen’ing fast real to 1 digit p_sprintRegenFast 0.6
p_sprintRegenSlow How much stamina you get for when its regen’ing slow real to 1 digit p_sprintRegenSlow 0.2
p_sprintSpeed Speed you run when sprinting (multiplyed) real to 1 digit p_sprintSpeed 1.4
p_staminaDepleteSpeed Amount of stamina you lose while sprinting (multiplyed) real to 1 digit p_staminaDepleteSpeed 1.5
p_stepheight How high you can step integer p_stepheight 1
p_strafeSpeed Speed you move while strafing integer p_strafeSpeed 1