Rules Of Survival Tips, Cheats & Hacks

If you have been looking for a Battle Royale game that is in many ways similar to PUBG or Fortnite, then Rules of Survival is the right choice to go with. Rules of Survival is one of the biggest games in the last decade and expecting something big out of it is a must thing.

If you want more glory and wins in the fields, then you will find the following Rules of Survival on PC tips, cheats and hacks more than welcome.

Controls Movement Scheme Guide

You first need to know how to play Rules of Survival with a controller and it is recommended that you use both of your hands. On the left bottom corner, you will find the joystick which will give you the complete ability to move freely in the different directions.

Before you even start with any kind of high-level strategy, you should know the basics and really go through the various options the game has for controls.

When you are playing Rules of Survival on PC, a little thought goes into the controls allowing you to adjust the camera’s sensitivity. In the game, the menu is loaded with sliders for absolutely everything as well as the entire different control schemes where if you find the default not suitable for you, you could try the others.

Going to the “Advanced” menu and turning on “double tap to turn around is recommended even if you are comfortable with the default.

Best locations to drop

At the beginning of the game, players are loaded on a plane which flies over an island. Before playing competitively, practice jumping out of the plane to see how far your parachute will take you to get an idea of how far you can stray from the airplane’s path. You can fly farther away if you pull your parachute early but it also comes with a disadvantage of slowing your overall descent

If you wait upto the last second to pull your parachute you will arrive on the ground first

There are two different places you can decide to drop and they are equally suitable.

  1. You could jump and hopefully land at the center of the map to get in the firefights early or search for places far away find your way back to where the action is.
  2. Tap the mini map to bring the map up and search for building you think you are able to reach. Place a marker by tapping and at the top of the screen keep an eye out for the HUD to guide you to that point. Luckily you will be the only player to land on the building, therefore, you will have a house full of loot for yourself

An important thing to do is, when you have your parachute out, look around to see where other players are dropping mark those areas as where players will be coming to kill you. When you see moving in the same area as you, you can decide whether to divert and head some other placerules of survival cheats

Priority of looting and what to look for first

Do not scramble for weapons that you find when you first drop. The first things you should look for when you first drop are backpacks and helmets because backpacks increase your capacity of carrying items, which determines how much ammo, med kits and everything else you can carry around. Helmets protect you from getting killed in one hit with a headshot.

From there you can pick a weapon like a shotgun which is good at short distances and any kind of rifle for long distances

Mind the sound cues

You need to grasp and use every piece of information the game gives you to determine your next move and if you are not playing with audio on, you are missing a huge indicator of where people are and not many players have figured this out yet.

It is therefore recommended that you play with the sound on at minimum or use headphones so that when you hear a car or footsteps just hide and wait.

Use crates as bait

From time to time a crate will fly and drop a crate full of the best loots in the game. Players get loot fever and run directly to the spot of the crates but do not do the same. Find a scope and kill all of them which will be easy as they are concentrated on the crates. Give yourself a bit of time to then move in and loot that crate.

Make sure you have grenades

Grenades are pretty important in Rules of Survival because they do huge damages and are good for killing people in easily defensible positions inside of houses as well as when the final few people are alive and everyone is hiding. Be careful when you throw them because anyone playing with sound might get a clue to where you are

Use the third-person camera to your advantage

You can use the third-person camera to see around corners, over walls, and through windows without exposing yourself to gunfire. The key to staying hidden is learning how far you can go before you are seen and how to get full views out of windows without exposing your character.

Battle Royale games like Rules of Survival, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite become quite simple and fun to play with tips, cheats and hacks similar to the above guide. So carefully read the tips in the guide and move to the game and have fun.


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