Red Faction Guerrilla Console Commands

Red Faction Guerrilla client/server admin console is available to all versions of the game but the International Demo Version. You can launch the console and be ready to enter your Red Faction Guerilla console commands on PC by hitting the tilde (~) key after loading the game. Note that you can only use console commands if you are running your own server and are the server admin.

This isn’t really useful to players who want console commands for Red Faction Guerrilla that will modify the game, make you invincible or more menacing in battle. The good news is that you can still leverage game cheats and other cheats to get added powers in the game.

You can scroll to the bottom if you are still interested in the server side Red Faction Guerrilla console commands

Using any cheat codes in Red Faction: Guerrilla will disable game saving and you won’t be able to unlock any achievements. To enter codes, go to:

  • Main menu
  • Select Options
  • Select Extras
  • Select the Enter Code option
  • Enter one of the following codes (case sensitive) and activate it

HARDHITTER: Gives you a golden sledgehammer that you can use in single player campaigns

MAPMAYHEM: Gives you a bonus multiplayer map pack

Unlocking Achievements is Better than Cheats or Console Commands

Red Faction Guerrilla is structured in such a way that your character gets stronger as you unlock different achievements in the game. This means that you don’t really need cheats to be better at the game as long as you keep playing and unlocking new achievements as time goes by. Some of the most lucrative achievements to look for are:

  • Cool Turrets (Turrets don’t overheat) – Unlock the “Tank Buster” Achievement / Blow up 100 small hydrogen tanks.
  • Free Upgrade (Safehouse upgrades are free) – Unlock “Freedom Fighter” Achievement / Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions.
  • Max Morale (Max morale in all sectors) – Unlock the “Don’t Tread on Me” Achievement / Liberate Oasis Sector.
  • Max Technology (Best armor and weapons for EDF, Guerilla and Marauder) – Unlock the “Red Dawn” Achievement / Liberate Mars.
  • No Green Alert – Unlock the “One Man Army” Achievement / Complete 25 killing sprees during the Campaign.
  • Super Debris (Explosion and collision damage is tripled) – Unlock the “Coming Down” Achievement / Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings.
  • Super Hammer (Upgraded sledgehammer) – Unlock the “Best Friends Forever” Achievement / Kill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer during the Campaign.
  • Super Sprinting (1.5x sprint speed) – Unlock the “Working The Land” Achievement / Mine all ore locations.
  • Unlimited Ammo – Unlock the “Freed Space” Achievement / Destroy 50 EDF flyers.

Red Faction Guerrilla Console Commands List

  • ban <player name> – Kicks the player from the server and adds his IP to your banlist.txt. Only works on servers.
  • ban_ip <player IP address or range> – Kicks any players with that IP or range from the server and adds that IP or range to your banlist.txt. Only works on servers
  • info – Displays information such as Level Name, Level Time (DD/HH/MM/SS), framerate, client names, client pings, and client IPs. If client, omits client IPs.
  • kick <player name> – Kicks the player from the server. Only works on servers.
  • level <level .rfl name> – Changes to the specified map (after the freezetime at the scoreboard). Only works on servers.
  • name <player name> – ONLY works on a Listen Server or Client. Changes the server name to “<player name>’s game” (if listen server) as well as the player’s nickname.
  • rcon_request <password> – Request remote console access as a client on a dedicated server.
  • quit – Exits the Red Faction server or client.
  • rate <number OR rate preset> – Sets the server’s or client’s update rate in bytes/sec.
  • say <chat message> – Sends a chat message to everyone in the server as “Server:” if server, or as your player nickname if client.
  • team_say <chat message> – Sends a chat message to everyone on your team. Only works on clients.
  • team <red or blue> – Change to the specified team. Only works on clients.
  • simultaneous_ping <number> – Number of servers to ping at a time. Only works on clients.
  • dump_tga – Changes the format in which screenshots will be written on (toggle between .tga & .jpg) when PrintScreen is pressed. Only works on clients.
  • help – Displays list of available console commands.
  • ? – Same as help
  • man – Same as help