Rebel Galaxy Cheat Engine Cheat Table

The Rebel Galaxy is an amazing space trading, combat simulation, and space endeavor single player game that gives you a huge opportunity when it comes to mods and the use of Cheat Engine and Trainers to add some fun to the game. Since it is a single player game, you can easily deploy cheats and you don’t have to worry about any penalties or bans.

Getting Started With Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a memory location editor that lets you change in-game values and adapt a game the way you want. This means that you can change things like speed, max duration, acceleration and other game features that use fixed numbers to affect in-game values.

If it is the first time you are using cheat engine for the first time, you can go through our introductory guide and learn the basics. This will teach you how to install, configure and load cheat tables. Remember that having cheat engine on your system might affect other games that frown upon cheating. Always be keep when installing and using cheat engine.

rebel galaxy cheat engine

Cheat Engine Cheat Table Feature

You can download a copy of the cheat table here. The features to expect in this table include:

  • God Mode: Avoid damage, hit asteroids without damage or get fired on without damage
  • Deflector Power: keeps your deflectors always powered
  • Shields: Will always keep your shields at full power
  • Hull: Keep your hull at full strength
  • Missiles set at 100 when firing on secondaries
  • Unlimited booster
  • Broadside aiming made better by quickly narrowing the broadside
  • Turret fire rate
  • No turret overheating
  • Protect target
  • Weaken target
  • Tractor beam range modification
  • Acceleration bonus and max turn rate bonus

Note that if you want to set any of your ship’s pointers, you have to take your ship out of the dock and into space before the pointers can start working. The above cheat table works best on Rebel Galaxy version of the game released by 2015-12-22.

Rebel Galaxy Cheat Engine is a great way to enjoy the Capital Ships in your randomly generated universe. It will give you a better hand bearing in mind that your ships are already dealt a lower hand bearing in mind that you can only maneuver in 2-D while others can do 3D.