Rainbow Six siege Split Screen Update that Never Became

Does Rainbow Six Siege have split screen? Well. The quick answer is no. There’s no split screen. You can’t hunt terrorists with your friends sitting on the same couch or college hostel bed for hours on end.rainbow six siege split screen coop

This is now becoming a norm in many modern games that are ditching local co-op (split screen) gaming in favor of online multiplayer titles.

Are these online multiplayer campaigns any better than Rainbow Six Siege split screen on PS$ or Xbox One? Many people who grew up in the world of LAN or single console co-op don’t fancy the idea of having to play with strangers or playing on struggling servers.

Online co-op also means that you cannot cheat or modify your game in any way since the developer big brother will always be looking waiting to ban you.

It’s Very Different From its Predecessor, Rainbow Six: Vegas

Rainbow Six, Vegas had split screen and LAN co-op. Rainbow Six Siege gives you:

  • Online co-op for up to five players
  • No local co-op
  • No local online game in co-op (you can’t find a specific friend and co-op with him or her)
  • System-Link and LAN is impossible

If you must play with someone, you will have to team with anyone else online and play against AI terrorists. Alternatively, you can form a team and play against other teams in the online multiplayer world.

This isn’t the first game to ditch the old and much celebrated split-screen multiplayer approach. I guess everyone believes that we have better internet connections and that keeping multiplayer campaigns online gives the developer a chance to keep pushing new content as an update to server capabilities hence keeping the game relevant for longer.

At least this is how GTA V has managed to stay on the list of most played games for so long.