PUBG Stuck on Loading Screen Fix

Have you ever tried to get into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but get stuck at loading screen in game every time you launch the game then spawns you in when there are around 40 players in a game? If yes, you understand how frustrating this can be.

Sometimes you can start up PUBG and get in the lobby with no problems with everything working fine. However, when you click start to launch a game, it goes to a loading screen where it displays PlayerUnknown’s Battleground logo for an impossibly long time.

This means PUBG is stuck on Loading battlegrounds. In most cases, you won’t get any audio or activity when the game is stuck on the loading screen. If you are lucky, you will have PUBG stuck on loading screen but audio is fine where you can hear the audio come in with people moving around or with poorly rendered buildings.

What Makes PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hang?

PUBG stuck on black loading screen is a very popular issue that is linked mostly to bad game engine optimization. There are a couple of fixes you could try that can assist to repair the stuck on loading screen PUBG issue.

Solving the RAM/Hard Drive Bottleneck

Move the game from the external drive to an internal solid-state drive, using the Steam Tools. You should also consider a minimum of 16GB RAM and an SSD for fast loading if you don’t have.

This is because your operating system alone, doing nothing, consumes about 3.5GB or less and the PUBG game alone can utilize more than 8GB of ram.

This error is common if your PC is underpowered or you have something else consuming most of your computer’s resources. This could be one of the reasons pushing people to play PUBG Mobile on PC as it is less resource hungry.

pubg stuck on loading screen fix

For the best gaming experience, ensure that your PC meets the PUBG minimum recommended settings and that you don’t have any other applications hogging resources when you launch the game. You could use a game optimizer (Razer Cortex is my favorite) to give your PC that extra kick.

Reinitializing User Settings & Verifying Game Files

If your PC meet the minimum requirements and you’re still getting stuck on the loading screen, your game might be suffering from incompatible user settings or corrupted game files. You can fix this by reinitializing user settings and verifying game files on Steam.

  • Close your loading screen game.
  • Navigate to C:\Users\{UserID}\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\
  • Delete the GameUserSettings.ini file
  • Verify your game files with Steam
  • Restart your game

NB:  For this situation don’t forget to put your user ID instead of {UserID} in the sequence above.

Forcing PUBG to Recover When Stuck on Loading Screen

When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is tuck on the black loading screen, you might not have a way to exit the game gracefully. Good news is you can force close the game using Task Manager and relaunch it after you’ve ran the above optimizations.

  • Go to Windows Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DELETE)
  • Navigate to the Processes tab
  • Under Background Processes, find BEService.exe and click “End task”.
  • This will result in an error and crash the game.
  • Relaunch the game and you should be good to go!

With either the above PUBG stuck on Loading screen fixes you are curtained to solve the PUBG stuck on Loading screen issue.