PUBG Crates: What Are They and Where Do You Get Them?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds puts a great deal of emphasis on crates. The developer has created an economy around the valuable PUBG crates ensuring that the demand for these crates and their contents remains high. Crates are fun because they give you cool aesthetic customizations that will make your characters pop out especially if you are playing on 4K or have activated PUBG screen scaling for better graphics on 1080p setups.

The crates give you skins (costumes and items to modify your character’s outlook) and PUBG has a soft limit on the number of crates you can purchase. The prices reset on a weekly basis meaning that your purchase limits are only weekly.

Why Do PUGB Crates Cost More BP Every Time You Buy?

The soft limit works by increasing the amount of Battle Points (BP) you need to purchase each subsequent crate.

  • 1st: 700BP
  • 2nd: 1400BP
  • 3rd: 2800BP
  • 4th:4200BP
  • 5th: 5400BP
  • 6th: 7000BP

What Types of PUBG Crates Can You Acquire?

There are a total of 6 PUGB crates so far. Here is the crate list, how to obtain each crate and what to expect in the crates.

PUBG Crates are a great way to get in-game items fast. However, you can always forego a crate and purchase individual items in the marketplace as you wish. It might be tedious but you will still collect most of the items.


1. PUBG Wanderer Crate

The Wanderer crate has a single set of Battle Royale move themed clothing. The rest of the items of clothing in the crate are random. They could be the items you found in the now discontinued Pioneer Crate or random in-game clothes.

You can buy the crate with BP over at the Rewards page. You cannot purchase more than 6 of these crates in a week.

PUBG Wanderer Crate Items

Name Category
Ballistic Mask Mask
Bloody Combat Pants Pants
Blue Hi-top Trainers Shoes
Boots (Punk) Shoes
Cargo Pants (Beige) Pants
Cargo Pants (Blue) Pants
Cargo Pants (Khaki) Pants
Dirty Tank-top (White) Shirts
Floral Shirt Shirts
Gas Mask (Full) Mask
Glasses (Punk) Glasses, Goggles
Hotpants (Blue) Pants
Long Sleeved T-shirt (Striped) Shirts
Long-sleeved T-shirt (Black) Shirts
Long-sleeved T-shirt (Light Blue) Shirts
Mandarin Jacket (Blue) Jacket
Padded Jacket (Urban) Jacket
Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue) Pants
Protective Sunglasses Glasses
School Shirt (Open) Shirts
School Shoes Shoes
Slacks (Blue) Pants
T-shirt (Red) Shirts
T-shirt (Striped) Shirts
Tank-top (Charcoal) Shirts
Working Boots Shoes

pubg crate outfits

2. PUBG Survivor Crate

The PUBG Survivor Crate contains the first set of Battle Royale movie clothing and other items of random clothes you can find in the game. You can purchase this crate using BP at the rewards page. Once again, the limit is 6 crates per week and you can get the Survivor or Wanderer crate at random when you buy.

Survivor Crate Items

Name Category
Baseball Cap Hat
Beanie Hat
Brown Hi-top Trainers Shoes
Checkered Shirt (Red) Shirts
Checkered Shirt (White) Shirts
Combat Pants (Black) Pants
Combat Pants (Blue) Pants
Combat Pants (Camo) Pants
Combat Pants (White) Pants
Fingerless Gloves (Camo) Gloves
Fingerless Gloves (Tan) Gloves
Grey Boots Shoes
Matched Grey Shirt Shirts
Mini-skirt (Purple) Pants
Padded Jacket (Beige) Jacket
Padded Jacket (Camo) Jacket
Padded Jacket (Khaki) Jacket
Shirt (White) Shirts
Slacks (Purple) Pants
Trench Coat (Black) Jacket
Trench Coat (Camel) Jacket
Trench Coat (Grey) Jacket
Trench Coat (Red) Jacket
Vintage Baseball Hat (Black) Hat
Vintage Baseball Hat (White) Hat
Women’s Tuxedo Jacket (Purple) Jacket


3. PUGB Preorder Crate

The pre-order crate is an exclusive that is only available to people who pre-ordered the $40 deluxe edition of Battlegrounds. You could also have this crate if you were an Alpha tester, were one of the content creators.

Though exclusive, this crate doesn’t award you unlimited ammo in any way.

The items in the crate are:

  • Bandana
  • Trenchcoat
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Boots

4. The Twitch Prime Box

This exclusive Playerunknown’s Battleground crate went to players who used their Twitch Prime (Amazon Prime) during the month of redemption. The month of redemption ended on 7/7/2017.

The items found in this crate were:

  • Twitch Prime Balaclava
  • Twitch Prime Shirt
  • Twitch Prime combat pants
  • Twitch Prime boots

pugb pioneer crate

5. PUGB Pioneer Crate

The PUBG Pioneer crate was the very first crate that was used before the game was released. The crate is no longer available as it was scheduled to be replaced by the Wanderer and the Survivor Crate. The Pioneer Crates had items that were purely cosmetic. These items can now be randomly found in the Wanderer and Survivor Crates so you won’t be missing anything by not being able to purchase the Pioneer Crate.

6. PUGB Biker Crate

coming soon

7. PUGB Desperado Crate

coming soon