PUBG Buildings not Loading Fix

Is your PUBG game not rendering properly? Having trouble with texture bugs? We all know the harm such glitches can cause especially if you’ve successfully joined a battle. You’ll be dead before you can shoot at your first opponent. If your PUBG is not loading buildings, then there are some fixes here you can use.

PUBG has had its fair share of rendering issues, not loading errors and network glitches. Good thing is most of these errors can be fixed. Slow renders can be due to multiple factors. The problem doesn’t seem to go away despite the many patches BlueHole Studios & PUBG Corporation keeps throwing our way.

The most prevalent issue is the fact that buildings are not rendering properly on parachute landings. This glitch may present to be a problem especially if you are on a mission to loot from the said transparent building. It becomes rather hard for the game to proceed. Depending on the number of times the renderings happen, you can determine if fixing it will be an easy task or not.

PUBG buildings not Loading Fix

So, how to fix buildings not loading in PUBG.

  1. Turn off Nvidia Shadowplay

This is another way to fix buildings not loading in PUBG. If you have Nvidia graphics card, then it becomes an easy fix for you. Go to GeForce general settings menu and switch off the sharing option.

  1. Check for Memory Leakage

If you have low RAM (less than 8GB), then this might be what is ailing your game. Once RAM is insufficient it becomes hard for your computer to maintain PUBG. You can restart your computer to ensure you have enough memory to play PUBG. You can also close other programs to create more space for PUBG game. This ought to fix buildings not loading in PUBG.

Pro Tip: Using a Game Booster will help you get more oomf from your available resources. Comes in quite handy when you are not in a position to upgrade your hardware

  1. Go to Game Files and Change the View Distance

This may or may not work for you.

Go to: AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor GameUserSettings.ini

You will find ViewDistanceQuality=1. Change it to 2 and save the setting. Re-launch the game and test the result.

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  1. Pre-render the game

This may end up in PUBG freezing temporarily. After jumping off the plane, hold W for the whole process, aim on the building you want to land then hit TAB once your parachute auto-deploys. The game will load after a slight freeze but your character won’t experience the effects of the freeze.

  1. Upgrade from HDD to SSD

If you have the money you can upgrade to SSD which will solve the buildings not loading in PUBG. Though you only do this if the other PUBG fixes have not worked. This is because SSD is much faster. This should make PUBG not loading buildings fixed.

  1. Do a Screen Scale

A PUBG screen scale can either make your game graphics better or tone them down and let the game play better on minimum required hardware. You can check out guide on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds screen scaling to learn more.

In most cases, PUBG buildings’ failure to load is due to your hardware failing to keep up with the game rendering. Anything that will make your system faster or a trick to free up resources should remedy the problem. Also, ensure that you are running on a reliable network since network lags might also put undue strain on your PC.