Prey Cheat Engine Tables and Best Cheating Mods

Prey(2017) is a first-person shooter survival horror game developed by Arkane Games for Microsoft Windows and current-gen console platforms. Being a brainchild of the developers behind the Dishonored franchise, Prey brings about the choice-and-consequence mechanic from those games, giving you various choices to progress through the game with varying repercussions.

For the casual player, or someone on a subsequent play-through, this mechanism may be tedious and frustrating and this is where the Prey Cheat Engine tables and cheating mods outlined in this guide come in handy on PC. These Cheat Engine tables should be used at your own discretion as cheating is generally frowned upon by developers and the game community as a whole. For an introductory guide into Prey 2017 Cheat Engine tables refer to our guide to Cheat Engine.

Prey(2017) Cheat Engine Table

You can can download the best Prey Cheat Tables here. The Cheat Engine Table unlocks the following features:

  • God Mode
  • Unlimited neuromods
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited Flashlight
  • Infinite PSI
  • Unlimited Timers (Freeze hacking mini-game timers)
  • Unlimited money
  • Instant Charge.

This cheat table had been tested on the Day-One edition of the game on Steam and has been refreshed severally since then with new pointers added in the Prey Mooncrash DLC Cheat Engine table refresh to support the Mooncrash DLC.

prey cheat engine tables

Prey 2017 Cheat Mods

The active community of modders at Nexus Mods has developed quite the inventory of Prey 2017 mods. These mods unlock various tweaks and changes to the game, allowing you a great level of customization to your game experience. Some of the features unlocked include:

  • Super Easy Hacking – Removes all hacking obstacles in the mini-games
  • Improved graphics and lighting effects
  • removing distortion from zoom in scopes
  • User Interface Customizations
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Disabling elements from the HUD
  • Gameplay tweaks for casual play
  • Furniture and body yields when using recycler grenades and so many more.

You can view the best Prey 2017 mods here.


Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in enabling you to transform your Prey 2017 experience, allowing you to enjoy your game your own way.