Post Scriptum – IS it The Most Accurate WW2 FPS So Far?

Most FPS games focus on player entertainment so much so that they end up tainting what really happened during those messy six years between 1939 and 1945. Call of Duty WWII, though entertaining, wasn’t as accurate as History Buffs would want it to be.

Even though there is a promise of an accurate account in the upcoming Battlefield 5, Post Scriptum seems to have already done it. This upcoming FPS offers one of the most authentic WW 2 combat experiences while forcing you to play part in communication, teamwork, and cohesion just as those brave soldiers would when fighting it out in the soggy battlefields of Stalingrad, Kursk, Midway or Berlin.

We can say this for sure because we have already played some bits of the game thanks to the Alpha trials and pre-order game access.

It Might Not be a Tripple A Title But it Has it’s Logic Right

Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh is developed by Periscope Games and published by Offworld Industries and is by no means a match to other war-related titles we have seen so far. To compensate for the shock and awe they couldn’t match, the developers deliberately chose to make the game not only difficult but also authentic.

War is never easy. You shouldn’t shoot your way through it as other games make us believe. Battlefield 1 did a great job at making us understand this. Hopefully, Post Scriptum will do an even better job at cementing the notion into the brains of many keyboard warriors.

 How to Start Playing the Game Before Release

If you are too eager and can’t wait for official release of the game, you can head over to steam, pre-order the game and play it on the Test Server. Things won’t be boring. There are over 32,000 players already testing out the game.

You can either play as:


You need 9 players to handle the responsibilities of a complete squad. This will range from the crew doctor to a demolition expert, all of which are important in seizing objectives.


You will need four players. Your responsibilities will be handling the supply line and fortifying buildings the infantry takes.


This needs 4 players who will be in charge of tanks and other armored vehicles.

That is how you play Post Scriptum before it finally goes live to the entire audience. Here is an early test gameplay video of post scriptum. Notice what I said about the graphics not being a match to the COD or Battlefield games you are used to?