Poptropica Cheats & Walkthrough for Shrink Ray Island

This section of the game takes you to Shrink Ray Island, one of the islands in Poptropica. Here, you are tasked with keeping the shrink ray– a ray gun that shrinks anything it touches– from falling into evil hands. Solving the mystery of its disappearance, all the while trying to find a way to bring yourself back to normal size is a daunting task for most, but luckily for you, we have outlined all the hints and cheats in Poptropica Shrink Ray Island in this comprehensive walkthrough.

The Poptropica Shrink Ray Island cheats and tips occur organically as you go through the island, subtly pushing you towards objectives in your quest. Therefore, for the best experience, we recommend you fire up your game and follow along with this guide.

Text Walkthrough for Poptropica Shrink Ray Island

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Head right and enter the school, it is the first door you come across. Keep running down the hall, and eventually, you’ll come to a Science Fair going on with quite some interesting inventions. However, our genius CJ is missing. Head over to the weird man in a red shirt and an even more mysterious mustache, and you’ll find out that he’s Mr. Silva, the teacher in charge of the Science Fair. Strike up a conversation with him and choose the third option; “Do you think she’s just running late?”

After that conversation, talk to her parents, and they will ask you to search their apartment. So leave the School and head right all the way over to Avenue A. See that house with the cat in front of the door? Enter that house, and you will notice that the cat followed you in. It will start darting through the house and into rooms, chase him down until it mysteriously disappears in the bathroom.


Run into CJ’s room to the left, and you’ll notice a microscope. Examine the little note under the microscope. Remember when we said that ray gun could shrink anything? This applies for you too because as soon as you look away from the lens, a man in a wide-brimmed hat covering most of his face zaps you with it, and you have to continue the game the same size as an insect.

Take a minute and get used to the new perspective, then go right and hop onto the drawer, shimmy up the wind chimes and look to your right. You should see a fan. Jump onto the fan and push it down, then power it on. It’ll clear out the dust from under the bed, revealing a thumb drive under CJ’s bed. This would be handy if we had a computer, we’ll have to find one. For now, however, run right into the kitchen and you’ll notice some drawers sticking out a little bit. Jump into the second drawer and grab the screwdriver there. Hop unto the counter, and the sink, and head right into the dining area.

Next, we’ll need to grab that piece of paper on the table. Push the rolling pin that is in your way, and it’ll shove the kettle to the alight stove. You will need to use the steam spouting from the kettle to blow you to the shelf above, with the flour, sugar, and vinegar. Jump up and hit the bottle near the top to tip it over. Drop down to the floor and push the pet bowl under the dripping vinegar. Get back onto the counter and jump onto the bag of cat food, every time you stomp on it, a little cat food falls into the bowl. It should be filled in about four stomps.

Push the now full bowl all the way to the right, just under the chair and stand on it. Use it to jump on the table to grab the note. As you do so, a grape will fall from the bunch. Leave that be for a second to grab the note from the table. The note smells like Lemon Juice, which in any mystery ever means only one thing: invisible ink. Pick up the grape now and jump off the table. Head left and use the drawers to reach the countertop again. This time, walk past the rolling pin and on to a toaster. Drop your grape and plug in the toaster, then pick that grape back up and jump on to the toaster handle to switch it on. You will need the extra weight from the grape to push the handle down. Drop the grape and jump back on to the toaster handle and it will launch you into the air.

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You will now have access to a shelf with a bunch of wooden spoons. Head over to the salt shaker and push it all the way until it’s on one end of the spatula lying on the shelf. Climb onto the container holding the spoons and jump onto the flipping side of the spatula. This will launch the salt into the air, and when it comes down will in turn launch you right up to the fridge. Grab the remote lying here and jump off.

Hop off the fridge and run left into the apartment’s central area. You will need the screwdriver to open up the side compartment of a toy truck, grab its battery and plug it into the remote. Stomp on the buttons to turn the TV on. Climb the TV, right up to the antenna to get a static charge, and then hop off to the left to crash into that green balloon there.  You are tiny and statically charged, so you stick onto the balloon, which carries you up and onto a painting’s frame. Walk left across the frame and jump onto a shelf with some fish food. Push it left to pour some scoops into the fish tank below. Hop off the shelf and wait till the fish are eating. You will need to turn off the filter, jump in to collect the key to CJ’s diary, and then get out again. Head back to the kitchen after this.

Here, you will need to push the green sponge into the power clean spray. Use the sponge and the spray to jump up and into the garbage. The garbage is a cleverly executed puzzle, follow the steps below to solve it:

  • Push the tuna can right to cover the gap. You can continue your descent into the hole.
  • Pull the sponge back and drop the tower. The path above is now clear so jump back up and go right.
  • Push off the milk and follow it when it falls.
  • At the bottom, jump onto the sports drink on your left, and then push the highest tuna off the platform.
  • Drop down and push the sponge left and then pull the tuna on the right to drop the tower.
  • Jump onto the tuna treats, then the platform on the left and finally right again.
  • Go down this path, then pull the tuna back. Jump up, and you can now collect the diary page.

You still have the Ninja Vision trick to look ahead acquired in Red Dragon. So click ‘Restart’ and leave the trash.

From the location of the fish tank, turn right and into the bathroom. Use the drawers to jump up and onto the right light switch to turn off the ventilation fan, then jump left on to the hot water faucet to turn it on. This will steam up the bathroom, revealing something written on the mirror;

The writing on the mirror is a puzzle cipher: a=4, i=1, and e=3. These codes will be handy later. .Run into CJ’s room. It is merely on your left in the next section after the bathroom; however, you will need to jump over the rug to escape the deadly cat’s paw. When you get here, jump onto the chair, bouncing up onto the computer. From a poster on her wall, we found out that the person she admires is Marie Curie; a scientist. Remember the password cipher? Substitute the appropriate letters, and you have the password to CJ’s computer! Just plug in the thumb drive and start snooping on her emails. The password will be m4r13 cur13, with the space.

Her first email is regarding her shrink ray. Her blueprints are in the thumb drive, so use it, and they’ll be uploaded on the laptop. Next, jump on to the computer and then on the shelf above. You will find CJ’s diary on it, which you can open using that key you saw in the fish tank. Use the page from the trash to complete the torn spread and reveal the entire message. CJ shrunk herself to escape from the shrink ray thief.

Hop off left and on to the thermostat. Run left until the thermostat turns to the red zone. Drop back on the desk and use the lamp on the paper that smelled like lemon. To do this, you’ll need to jump on the light about four times to point it downwards then turn it on to reveal the message: “Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.” Very helpful CJ, the school coordinates can be found on CJ’s cork board in the bedroom. Just hop off the desk and run to the left. You will need to knock over the trash bin. Its contents will start floating from the heating duct because we turned the thermostat all the way! Use them to climb up and jump off to the left and onto the bed, grabbing the Morse Code Key on there.

Next, climb on to the dresser using the drawer, then jump off left to land on the telescope. You’ll need to hop on the red pin, and then the blue pin. Note the coordinates on the green piece of paper? Input those coordinates in the telescope using the dials. It is the same mechanic as the thermostat, jump on a dial and run till X is 87 and Y is 16.

You’ll see CJ in the school, and she will send you a message through Morse code using the flashlight. The message is “flush the thumb drive.” The thief is after the drive, so it’s time to get rid of it. Run out, past the main area and into the bathroom. Use the drawers to jump up to the countertop, and then jump over to your left and onto the hair dryer. You will need to stand slightly to its right and make it angle up and off to the left. Now turn it on by pressing one of the buttons and use the wind it creates to jump left and up into the shower and tub. You will land on the soap bar in the shower, go to the left of the soap and push it off the shelf it’s resting on. Once the soap drops, turn on the faucet to fill up the bathtub.

You will need to drop into the water and push the soap all the way to the left to the rubber duck. Use the soap and the duck to get out of the tub and jump on to the toilet paper rolls. From there, jump left to the toilet and use the thumb drive. It should go in. Jump back on to the toilet paper rolls then jump from this location and right on the flusher handle. Down the thumb drive goes. Now head back out of the bathroom and into the telescope room again. You’ll need to jump into the tub, swim and climb the rope to exit.

Pull up the coordinates of the school again on the telescope (X-87, Y-16) and decode the second message from CJ; “Thief is Mr. Silva.” You will see a dark figure pass through behind CJ in the classroom where she is flashing you the message. She is in trouble! Remember that toy car whose battery we stole? We need that car now! Run back right into the main room and past the laptop area. Get the battery back from the remote and jam it back into that car and hop in. Drive back into the laptop room only to find some books blocking your way. Get out of your new ride and climb the bookcase all the way to the top. Up and off to the left, shove that book, and you’ll have yourself a makeshift ramp.

Get back to your car, race towards the ramp and launch yourself straight out crashing through the window. Go right and drive your car towards the school, all the while dodging hazards such as fire hydrants. This part is quite easy, but you’ll need to watch out for the creek later, the path there follows a pattern, and once you have it, it’s quite easy too. You’ll finally get to the school and find a conveniently placed rake there. Drive up the rake and straight into Mr. Silva’s office. Run right and meet an equally tiny CJ initiate a conversation with her.

Mr. Silva attacks, threatening to shrink both of you into oblivion and sell the shrink ray to become rich. Run! You’ll need to hide behind objects to avoid the shrink ray and run left using this strategy. Do not hide behind the stack of books on the carton of grape juice. Run up and jump onto the bookcase and then on the desk. Then dash right until you get to the globe. After the shrink ray hits the globe, dart off the desk and hide behind the books. You will need to very quickly push the globe, stand on it and jump on to the chair.

Jump up and over the lunchbox and then dash right to hide behind the mirror. You’d think that, for a science teacher, Mr. Silvia would understand the basic principle of reflection, but no; he shoots at the mirror, and the ray bounces back at him, shrinking himself and dropping into a jar with ants. Talk to CJ to restore you to normal size.

Well, that is the comprehensive cheat guide to Poptropica Shrink Ray Island. For more tips, tricks and hacks to this and many more games, check out our other featured guides on the site.