Pokemon Sun and Moon Cheats and Hacks

With Pokemon Sun and Moon barely hours old, it’s time to begin worrying about all those cheats and hacks to unlock amazing shortcuts and boost the fun in this otherwise amazing Pokemon title. With game modders like Red Online already working on the Pokemon Sun and Moon cheat engine named SUMOHax, it’s clear that the Pokemon Sun and Moon will be full of cheats and hacks.pokemon sun and moon cheat codes

While many people, I included, are against using cheats on the first run of the game as it denies you the full experience, I still acknowledge the power cheats could bring into your game.

SUMOHax already has some amazing cheats going on. These include walking through walls to an experience multiplier and the power to get all the Z-Crystals. You even have cheats to skip trainer battles or rematch trainers after a victory.

Be sure to check out my guide on how to install and use SUMOHax cheat engine for Pokemon Sun and Moon cheat engine before going on.

Here is the full list of the SUMOHax Pokemon Sun and Moon Cheat Engine cheat codes

  • Max Money
  • (Hold R)Walk through Walls
  • Instant Messages
  • No Outlines
  • No Forced Trainer Battles
  • Rematch Trainers
  • Wild Pokemon Shiny
  •  Remove Wait Time
  •  QR Scan Point 100
  • Walk/Run Speed x0.5
  • Walk/Run Speed x1.0
  • Walk/Run Speed x1.5
  • Walk/Run Speed x2.0
  • Walk/Run Speed x2.5
  • EXP Multiplyer. x10 – x64.0
  • Save Slot Teleporter (Start + D-Pad)
  • Coordinates Modifier
  • Pokemon Spawner now supports all Pokemon
  • All Z Crystals
  • Rename any Pokemon
  • Pokemon can learn any TM/HM
  • All TM/HMs
  • All medicine
  • All berries
  • CurrentFestivalCoin9,999,999
  • TotalPokeFestivalCoin9,999,999
  • TotalThumbs-Ups1,500,000
  • Max Battle Points