Pokémon Sun and Moon: How to Breed Legit Shiny Pokémon with the SUMOHAX NTR Plugin

Pokémon Sun and Moon needs no introduction. Ever since its official release this game has had star ratings both with its download and revenue margins. Recently a new twist has emerged that as seen the game ever climb higher in the ranks: the SUMOHAX NTR Plugin. If you a newbie in this industry you’d wonder what this is, however, this should worry you less, this article has you sorted!

What is SUMOHaX?

SUMOHaX NTR plugin is a cheat engine for the Pokémon Sun and moon game developed by Red. This plugin is all inclusive cheat engines that allows you do virtually anything you’d wish in your Pokémon game hereby enhancing your Pokémon gaming experience. Among the many things this plugin is known, top on the list top on the list is its ability to breed legit Shiny Pokémon.

How to Breed Legit Shiny Pokémon with the SUMOHAX NTR Plugin

  1. First and foremost, download and install the SUMOHAX Plugin
  2. Press [Select] to shows up the menu
  3. Navigate in the menu with the DPAD Key UP and DOWN
  4. Press A to activate your cheat
  5. While here, choose the Pokémon you want to breed
  6. Press B to exit the menu and return to the game and enjoy the play

Note you can change the hotkey for showing up the menu by pressing [Start] in the menu. In addition to this you can be able to change the speed at which the cheats execute their order by pressing [Select] in the menu.

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Breeding legit Pokémon in the game is your only sure way to access legendary Pokémon that will take you lots of play time to achieve. Thanks to the SUMOHAX NTR Plugin all this has been reduced to a matter of minutes.