Pokemon Glazed Cheat Codes: Full List of All Working Codes & Hacks

Pokemon Glazed Cheat Codes: Full List of All Working Codes & Hacks

Pokemon Glazed cheat codes coupled with the Gameshark Codes are a perfect way to unlock your achievements faster and hasten the rate at which you finish your journey. Here are the top fully tested cheat codes that range from the catching trainers, mega stone cheats, money cheats to other legendries that will definitely come in handy during the game.

While Pokemon Glazed is a hacked version of Pokemon Emerald, not every cheat code used in the Pokemon Emerald copy will work here. Some Pokemon glazed cheat codes might crash your game so it is wise to save your progress every time you want to apply a hack. If anything bad happens, you can always load your save and resume playing.

How to Use Your Pokemon Glazed Cheat Codes

  • Your GBA Emulator should support Gameshark Codes. You can use VBA if it doesn’t
  • Select Choose File> Open and navigate to your Pokemon Glazed ROM
  • Save your game in VBA using File>Save
  • Look for the Cheats menu the choose Cheat Lost
  • Click on Gameshark and enter your chosen codes
  • If the code needs ‘Real Time Clock’ to work, activate it in VBA by Options>Emulators>check on

‘Real Time Clock’

You will need the Master Code just once when using the Wild Pokemon Modifier Codes. In case you use the Infinite Cash Code, you will have to sell any item in your bag. The item won’t actually be sold and you will earn maximum possible cash (999999.)

To get the item you need after applying an Item Code Pokemon glazed cheat code, head over to the item shop and you will find the item you desire will be first on the buy list.pokemon glazed cheat codes

Here are the Pokemon Glazed Cheat Codes

A Mega Stone is a type of help item introduced in the Pokemon game that allows Pokemon to Mega Evolve. These stones come from evolutionary stores irradiated by the legendary Pokemon Yveltal and Xerneas. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby these stones are believed to come from meteorites which fall down from the sky.

How to Use the Pokemon Mega Stone Cheat

Pokemon Glazed Mega Stone cheats are an exciting way of playing this game. Ensure that the real-time clock is turned on before you activate and play this game. To active it in VBA, Options > Emulators > Check “Real Time Clock”. Once the clock is on, follow this steps to install the hack or cheat code;

  1. Go to you games menu, click on the cheat option then drop down for description.
  2. Click on the description box and box pops up
  3. Copy and paste this code 82005274 0066, a trade stone cheat code
  4. Replace the last three digits 066 of the code with 05C for your code to read  82005274 005C
  5. Name your cheat then click enter and go back to the game and purchase as many items as possible

Note that every item you buy at the PokeMart will be a Mega Stone

  1. With the items you’ve purchased go to the games menu and select the one you want evolve and click okay.

Enjoy your game using this mega stone cheat by collecting and evolving as much as you can. A point to note is that you should not implement any Pokemon that does not mega-evolve.

Have you managed to install and use the Pokemon Glazed mega stone cheat? Is it working for you perfectly? We would like to hear from you, so share your comments below.

That’s all the Pokemon Glazed Cheat codes for now. If you have any working hacks that aren’t in the list, please share them in the comments section below. We will add them to our list. Happy gaming!