Invaluable PlayStation 4 Tips and Tricks to Give You Better Gameplay Sessions

PlayStation 4 has been around for a while now. This means that different people have devised a whole lot of tricks and hacks that customize their console and make it easier to interface with their console. While it will take you some time to gather the most valuable hacks, knowing what other people are doing to push their consoles to the limit will definitely teach you a trick or two that you were not using.

ps4 tips and tricks

Here are the top tricks you should be using on your console right now

Double Tapping the PS Button

Double tapping the PS button takes you back to the game menu feature. This is especially useful when you are monitoring a mission brief or any other in-game achievements you want to accomplish before completing a specific mission in Diablo 3 or your favorite first-person shooter genre.

Extending Controller Battery Life

The DualShocks aren’t really that good on battery life. You can cure this by playing with the PS4 controller settings. Hold the PS button to launch the settings mode. Turn the speaker controller volume to zero, set the Brightness of DUALSHOCK 4 lightbar to dim and set the controller to turn off automatically when not in use for preferably 10 minutes.

The PlayStation App

The PlayStation app is available on iPhone and Android. It will give you access to your messages, trophies, friends and so forth. You can use it to download new games to your console or use it as the keyboard when doing in game chats or entering cheat codes. It’s easier to type on it than using the controller.

Playing With Earphones

Most people prefer gaming with the sound system or massive headphones. This might not always be convenient and using small earphones might sometimes be better. The PS4 controller has an earphone jack that does this. You can configure the volume and what audio streams to your earphones from the sounds settings menu.

Controlling Game Downloads

Games are getting bigger and bigger by the day. PlayStation 4 games easily hit the 50GB mark nowadays. Turning on Automatic downloads is the best way to manage these downloads. Head over to Application Saved Data Management and turn on auto upload.

You can also activate the download when in hibernate option that will keep the console downloading updates even when you are not using it.

Upgrade Your Hard Disk

Sony allows you to switch hard disks especially if you feel your 500GB storage is not enough. You will need a couple of screw drivers and some handy man skills to do the swap. You should consider asking for help if you are not comfortable but replacing the 500Gb with 2TB hard drive will definitely give you the edge.